Thursday, June 26, 2014

Born Ga Jakarta

Born Ga is not something new. This Korean BBQ joint originated from Korea has four branches in town. During our trip to Seoul last year, we spotted several Born Ga there. I suppose they are quite popular in their hometown as they are in here. The restaurant headed by Chef Jong Won Paik who runs many well known restaurant in Korea.

I have been to Born Ga several times but never once posted them on the blog. Their newest branch at Pantai Indah Kapuk which just opened for two weeks seem to be a good excuse to finally write a piece on what I think as my second favorite Korean BBQ restaurant in town after Chung Gi Wa. Hence the post will cover compilation of all kinds of menu I have ever order during my meals at their Kebayoran Baru's branch, Kelapa Gading's and the one I just had last night, PIK's. 

Interior wise, pretty much all look the same. Black color dominated the whole place, from the walls and the seating with exhaust grilling on each tables. The difference on the newest branch at PIK is it's more spacious and brighter lighting compare to the other two's. Note: Picture on the cover above is Born-Ga PIK.

Let me start with what I love from Born-Ga. The variety of Ban chan, the generous options of fresh vegetables they serve and the meat quality. What I don't like? Only one, the price. Yes, Born-Ga is one of those medium up level kind of Korean restaurant, the price a bit similar with Gojumong or the famous Gahyo. It always depends on what kind of dishes you order, but approximately we roughly always spent around 600 - 700k for dinner for two, which at Chung Gi Wa we only spent around 400k tops.

Dwaeji Gochujang (Spicy pork marinated with spices) 200k
The pork dish is stir fry and grilled back in the kitchen, served in a hot plate with onions on the bottom. If you are not someone who like sweet, this probably wont works on your palate. On the good side, the pork is juicy and tender.

Chadol Duenjang Jigae (Korean soybean paste stew with beef) 78k 
The stew is full of flavor, served hot, comes with scrambled egg and beef. Very good!

Haemul Pajeon (Korean pancake with scallions and seafood) 120k 
I love Pajeon and Born-Ga's one is one of the best. It's fluffy, generous seafood and huge! The tad is it tend to get oily when we leave it uneaten, the best would to eat it while it's hot. BTW, I saw other table ordered this last night during our dinner at PIK, and the serving was so much better. It was bigger and the pajeon just looked so tempting. Mine in the picture below is old picture when I had them at Kebayoran Baru's branch.

Ggot Sal (Prime cut unmarinated boneless beef) 290k 
Okay this is like super goood! The beef is so tender. I mean, for that kind of price, I'm going to kill them if it wasn't good. LOL.

Jap Chae (110k) and Galbitang (Beef short rib soup) 87k
Japchae is my ultimate Korean dish. Hubs and I have lots of disagreement when it comes to Korean food, such as he likes pork, while I prefer beef. He doesn't like Korean stew and Pajeon, while I love them. But one thing we always agreed on is having Japchae on the table.
Galbitang is beef short rib soup, it's a common Korean dish but not every restaurant serve them. Hubs love the Galbitang at Born-Ga. He said it tasted super and so worth the price tag as they put three huge beef short ribs on the soup. The meat is tender and the soup is light. For 87k, it's definitely a bargain.

Woo Samgyup (Beef brisket dressed with Born-Ga's special sauce) 190k 
Born-Ga's claimed this as their best and most famous menu. We just had this last night and it was so good! The beef is thinly sliced so grilling shouldn't be too long to avoid overcooked.

Mansinchang Samgyeopsal (Pork Belly) 120k
Best to eat Korean BBQ meat is having them wrapped inside the lettuce and other vegetable leaves they provide, stuffed along with kimchi, Japchae and other banchan as you desire.

So, are you ready for Born-Ga?

Born-Ga PIK
Ruko Crown Golf Blok D53-55
(Next to Jemahdi Seafood)
Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta
Ph. +6221 29237515
Opening hours: 12noon - 2.30pm, 5pm - 9.30pm

Born-Ga Kelapa Gading
Jl. Boulevard Barat Raya Blok LC-6 No. 56-57
(From Mall of Indonesia, go straight, keep an eye on buildings on your left)
Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta
Ph. +6221 4528933/ 4528937

Born-Ga Kebayoran Baru
Jl. Wolter Monginsidi No. 24
Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 7396229

Other branch at BLOK M.


Paulus Chandra said...

Hi Ivy!

Woah, I almost went there last Saturday, but it was super crowded so I opted for another Korean restaurant

The meat looks really delicious and tempting, but I do think the price is quite high ya?


Ivy said...

Hi Paulus...

Yes, their price is quite steep but so worth it. :)