Thursday, June 19, 2014

AW Kitchen by Akira Watanabe

These couple days has been so tiring! My big bro is on holiday at the moment, and leaving me with his work for 10 days! I'm not complaining, I mean... Family helps family, that's what we do. But the timing couldn't be worse, physically feeling hard to cope with. Hubs and I are moving to new home soon, now under renovation and Gosh, who would have thought how stressful it is to renovate a house? I swear, after this, I will not be thinking about moving for at least 10 more years.

With the work, the house and the less sleep, I barely have the will to write. I forced myself to blog as I really want people to know this recently opened bistro at Plaza Senayan. Writing will be short, currently having brain malfunction. Can't get any good words out.


About a week ago, Hubs and I went to Plaza Senayan for 22 Jump Street movie date (not worth to watch, btw). We don't have any particular favorite mall, but we do come here often and I personally have been waiting for AW Kitchen who took place on the former location of Avorio to open, and yes they have!

At the time we were there, they just opened for 8 days, but the service was good, fast and polite. The server seems to know quite well on the menu knowledge, always a good point. Seeing how the chef is Akira Watanabe, I thought the place would serve Japanese, turns out the kitchen offers Italian cuisine with Japanese twist. The price range is medium, if I remember correctly, the main range around 80 - 250k.

Our dinner starts with Tuna salad with Japanese radish sauce (65k). Gorgeous presentation, and the Tuna tataki was perfect. Well marinated. Love the arugula, again my favorite greens, tasty Tuna. What a great start!

I was recommended to try their specialty, Spaghettini in garlic oil with salmon roe and Japanese mushroom (138k). Being a fan of aglio olio, I quickly nodded. It was a brilliant choice. I've had better cooked pasta, but their seasoning just beautiful. It was really really good. I truly hope they will be consistently good on this.

Hubs went with their Black Angus tenderloin beef (248k), comes with potato gratin & steamed veggie with choices of mushroom or wasabi sauce. Chose the classic mushroom. Perfect cut of tenderloin, too bad it was undercooked. We asked for medium rare, but it came slightly too rare so we sent it back for more minutes of grilling.

There were only limited dessert options. Panacotta and two flavors of tiramisu. I was so on to try the banana and strawberry tiramisu, unfortunately they were only left with matcha tiramisu. Anything with matcha never works on my palate, so we skipped the dessert. Too bad, something sweet would be such a nice ending. Well, next time then.

So, off to sleep now. Heavy day tomorrow. Thank you so much for reading! :)

AW Kitchen by Akira Wanatabe
Plaza Senayan 4th floor
(Next to Tesate under Cinema XXI)
Jl. Asia Afrika No.8
South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 57906072


AWkitchen Jakarta said...

Dear Ivy,

Thank you for nice review. Please come again soon. Anyway, can we repost your photos on the blog ? :)

Ivy said...

Sure, feel free :)