Thursday, June 5, 2014

GB Bistro & Dessert

For quite some time, Senayan City has only been my place to go for Browhaus/ Strip. I usually come early morning around 10ish, finish my appointment and straight home. One of the reason I almost never spend more time there is because I find the shopping mall has nothing particularly interesting, food wise. But it might change now.

A week ago on a Sunday, after I got my eyebrow fixed, I stumbled upon a new bistro. I remember the place used to be a Gelato Bar. Couldn't resist the temptation of trying, I walked inside and found out they are the same Gelato Bar, only now reopening with new concept, new name and more wide variety of menu. It used to be limited to dessert, now, we can find all day breakfasts, variety of pasta, sandwich, steak, waffle, pancakes and of course Gelato. 

As I was seated, I find myself instantly loving the ambiance. I always have weakness for place with natural wood applications, especially if it is as pretty as GB Bistro with flowers in each table. It was actually the first day of their grand reopening, and the service gladly was polite, fast and friendly. 

I started my early lunch with Chilli and pepper calamari (65k). It was more than good. Crunchy, tender, well cooked and huge portion. As I was doing solo, I only took one and had the rest for take away. The calamari remains as crisp as it was served the first time.

My main course, also what claims to be their specialty, Spaghetti aglio Olio with beef bacon and mushroom (65k) was delicious! It was very well cooked and right on the seasoning. I love the flavor and the fact it only cost 65k with portion more than enough to share for two girls, I was contented. 

Despite I took away the appetizer, the huge portion of pasta had bloated me up, but again temptation couldn't be resisted. I ordered their Apple crumble (55k) and again was super satisfied with it. The caramelized apple was served warm with our choice of ice cream. I chose to pair it with mint chocolate chip flavor. It has sprinkles of Marie Regal biscuit on the top.

It was so goood. If you ever tried Pad 28's apple crumble which often named as the best apple crumble in town, this one was pretty much the same. The apple was well cooked and caramelized, love the generous crumbles and those ice cream, Yum! Here a closer look on the scrumptious dessert...

Well known for their Gelato for almost 10 years, they now come with new and more variety of unique gelato such as Almond croissant and the rich chocolate of Donkey kong.

I must say for my first visit, GB Bistro totally impressed me. Happy to know there's a good place to have a meal the next time I'm at Senayan City. Hopefully all the good things will stay consistent.
Note: The bistro will be closed for public on Friday, June 6th for private media invitation. Thank you for the invite, though I couldn't make it, I wish you the best of luck. :)

GB Bistro & Dessert
Senayan City Mall LG Flr unit 18
Jl. Asia Afrika Lot 18
Senayan, South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 72781245
Instagram: @gbbistro


Andrea Gina Karima said...

I never try it before but the dessert looks tempting!


Daisy Caroline said...


I feel happy for you that your first visit was a satisfactory one, although it was almost the contrary for me (in term of food), LOL! However, I would still go back and enjoy some of the desserts, especially the apple crumble, it looks so appetizing!

BTW do you mind if we exchange links? I remember I had done this long time ago, though :p

Ivy said...

@Daisy: Ah so sad your first visit blows. :( it sucks how consistency is such rare.

Sure, I'' link yours now. Thanks for linking mine! :) Nice knowing you Daisy!