Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Fctry Bistro & Bar

For a week or so, I have been eyeing on a particular ig account of a new bistro soon to be opened in West Jakarta, Puri Kembangan to be exact. When the place opens for grand opening few days ago, I quickly set a visit and so it happen, yesterday's lunch with bestie and her super super cute niece! 

The bistro located inside the same building as Electronic City, which just across pX. It looked spacious from the outside, hence was not that big on the inside. In fact I counted not more than 12 tables overall. When we were there yesterday, one of the TV station were doing some media coverage so half of the space were closed. Bad timing which resulted in minimum pictures of the interior. 

The waitress told me the concept was European but I didn't find any reflect to that, either from the menu or the interior itself. There on the menu are some selections of steak, pasta, sandwich, all day breakfast and several Asian inspired cuisines. I learned from instagram about two of the specialties, Crispy pork belly and Ox tongue don. Eager to having both, we ended only having the latter one. The pork belly according to the waiter need 45 minutes to be ready. It was lunch time and I skipped breakfast, so for the sake of everyone's involved, we chose to cancel the pork.

The Ox tongue don (75k) came with side salad and it was pretty decent. Small portion of rice but generous tongue slices. The flavor was there and the tongues were very much tender. The Pan fried salmon (100k) was okay but slightly overcooked, the mashed potatoes were smooth as silk.

Our appetizer, Battered calamari (60k) came in huge portion, way more than enough for an appetizer. It was well cooked, crunch and crisp but we found the batter to be too much compare to the squid itself. 

We also had Pull beef penne (80k) with request of changing the pasta to spaghetti. I didn't try this one as I don't eat anything with dairy, but it looked delicious since the moment it was served. Generous beef slices, creamy sauce and perfect cooked pasta. Bestie described it as worth the 80k.

To be honest, interior wise, I found the place to be too small and modest. Not the kind of place I had in mind when I was eyeing their social media account. Maybe if they do some hand wall paintings on their grey walls, the overall design would not be too plain. But hey, at least the food are okay. 

Congrats on the opening The Fctry (Read: Factory)! I hope to see more variety of menu in the future. :) 

The Fctry Bistro
St. Moritz Puri Indah 
(One building with Electronic City) 
Jl. Puri Lingkar Luar Barat 
Puri Kembangan, West Jakarta
Ph. +6287777887879
Instagram: @thefctryid
Opening hours: Daily 9am - 10pm (closed at 12mid on Sat-Sun)


Alat Uji said...

Mesti nyoba nih...

Anonymous said...

I really like our photos and review. I have seen this resto many time but just pass by and already planned to try this resto. What kind of food do you think I must try?

Many Thanks :)

Ivy said...

@monica: if u like pork, perhaps u could try their crackling pork belly. It's their signature & many hv said that it taste yummy. Their gyutan don worth to try too. :)

Hendra Kurniadi said...

This place is wayyyyyyy overrated, below standard for the price, had disappointment dine despite of overhyped reviews, two thumbs down, both service and food quality were huge disappointment