Monday, June 16, 2014

Hans & Belle

Now that Puri Indah Mall is evolving with a building extension full of new eateries, I don't see any reason holding me to go to this shopping mall which I have been absence probably more than a year. Though Hans & Belle is not located on the brand new extension area, the cute dessert shop surely brings a nice (and cute!) atmosphere nearby. 

It has become a habit of mine to at least go to two places during one go. Probably because of the daily traffic, I always figure it would make such a time wise to visit two diners at one go, though maybe not so much on pocket and tummy wise. But, hell, YOLO right? Anyway, seeing we just had lunch at The Fctry nearby Puri Indah Mall and the cutie Grace, my bestie's little niece who happen to join or lunch that day would be so happy to see some teddy bears, we went to Hans & Belle for a dessert stop. 


I have seen several blog posts and heard feedback on how the place look similar with Mr. Jones' Orphanage, a dessert cafe in Bangkok. I have never stepped foot at the particular place, but what it seen from the pictures with what Hans & Belle's offers, both do have some similarity. 

At the first look, I was not really impressed, but as we entered moving to the end of the room, I got to actually see how the place has been popular nowadays, especially for customers with children. To see the whole cafe decorated with everyone's favorite doll, the Teddy, the overload cuteness has brought a cheerful atmosphere, even to someone who's not really into dolls. Yes, I'm talking about me. 

Aside from the cakes galore, they also serve heavier meals like pasta and rice. We focused on the cakes only. The happy kid chose Tie the knot (25k), a strawberry cheese cake with love shape. I didn't try it, but Grace loves it that she asked for another round of the same cake! 

I chose the Night Owl (22k), a chocolate oreo cake. Fancy but it's look, not so much on the taste. The sponge cake was dry and even though I like how it wasn't too sweet, I personally find it disappointed. 

As we didn't order any other else, let's focus on the interior and the mighty cuteness ambiance. I love how they use a deep blue coach with wood panel for the seating. It somehow feels like we were dining in a Teddy Bear's kingdom. =) Wouldn't it be great, to actually live in a place full of nothing except ones that make you constantly smile? 

With the dolls, the train set toys, and the colorful animated cakes, it's no wonder Hans & Belle would be such a perfect place to take your little ones! 

Peek A Boo!

Hans & Belle 
Mall Puri Indah 2nd Flr
(Next to KFC)
Jl. Puri Indah Raya
Puri Kembangan, West Jakarta
Ph. +6221 58354426
Instagram: @hansandbelle

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