Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Laduree Singapore

I have never tasted Laduree before they recently opened in Spore last April this year, yet the name has been familiar since those round colorful sweet thing become one of the phenomenon in the world of dessert. To me, personally when I think of macarons, I think of Laduree, simply because it is one of world's best known macaron. 

Though I am not a sweet tooth and macaron might be my least anticipated one when it comes to dessert, I anxiously curious to visit one of their outlets which both located at Takashimaya (read: Ngee Ann City). One at the downstairs is a small counter, and the other one at second level is a very pretty chic petite boutique with colorful selections of macs. The brand is so famous that they came up with selling the brands' key chain and bag as well.

Anyway, priced at $3.8 per piece, it was freakin' expensive for a piece of macaron. We bought a box of 6 since it was the minimum to get a box. We chose rose petal, lemon, strawberry marshmallow, raspberry and chocolate. The popular flavors, salted caramel and pistachio were sold out. :(

I'm not sure if it was because I put too much expectations on it, but I felt the macaron was not as good as all the ravings I heard so far. Don't take this wrong, it was good, crisp and thin crunch, I just feel when it comes to something as famous as Laduree and hilarious price of $3.8 each, I expected something more and it was just okay to me. Honestly, if I may, I even like the one at Manon and Colette Lola more. Btw, out of the five, I liked the lemon and rose petal most.

So, have you tried Laduree? Do you think it worth the price and reputation? 

Laduree Singapore
#02-09 Takashimaya shopping, Ngee Ann City
391 Orchard Road
Ph. +65 68847361
Opening hours: Daily at 10am - 9.30pm


irene said...

Agreed! I think it's overpriced too. But the package is sure cute, yeah? :)

Ivy said...

yeah... i wonder if the overpriced was because they put too much budget on the packaging hahaha