Sunday, August 18, 2013

Salt Grill, Altitude

Among all three restaurants at Altitude, Salt Grill might stands out to be the most popular one. With the name as big as Luke Mangan, the famous Australian Chef, I suppose it is reasonable for public to be curious more on Salt compare to the other two.

I was there with my bestie last Monday for a lunch date. There were only few tables occupied by the time we arrived, a rare scene seeing how on normal days they are always fully booked. We were seated in a purple suede U-shape couch facing the breathtaking views of Jakarta's landmark. Imagine this, a good convo with your best friend while enjoying sky high dining with scrumptious food and fabulous view. Can Monday get any better?  

People might think Salt Grill is an expensive upscale diners. Well, it is... But what some people might not know is they offer an affordable lunch set menu. With 190k for 2 courses and 240k for 3 courses, it is definitely a good deal. The lunch set menu is valid every weekdays at 11am - 2.30pm. 

As we seated, the waiter asked us if we would like our water to be still or sparkling. It was charged at 55k per bottle, not free, so if you are thinking to order other beverage, just say no to the water. Besides the water, I ordered a glass of their Sour no.46 (45k), a fabulous choice. So sourly refreshing. As we waited for our lunch, we were served with their complimentary bread. 

We each order the 3 courses lunch set menu. Let's review mine first; For entree, I had their signature dish Sydney crab omelette, enoki mushroom and herb salad and miso mustard broth and it was such a great dish to start my lunch. The crab meat generously wrapped inside the omelette, paired with enoki mushrooms with fried shallots and light miso broth was light and delicious. I had Baby barramundi, capsicum salsa, char grilled squid for my main course. As expected, another delicious meal, so tender and well seasoned.
Another Chef Luke's signature dish, Liquorice parfait with lime syrup for my dessert. Beautiful plating dessert, balanced flavors, not overly sweet with crumb layers on the bottom. However, personally I liked my bestie's dessert more than this one. The waiter suggested us to have the Truffle oil and Parmesan french fries (98k) as an additional sides. The look might not worth the price tag, but I do like the taste and how it remained crisp until we finished our lunch.

Now, my bestie's. For her entree she chose Braseola, asparagus and horseradish salad with parmesan, crispy capers and grissini, which she fully regretted after tasting my delicious crab omelette. Nothing special, just a bunch of hard to understand names of veggies with cheese sticks on the top. Her main course, Grilled chicken in cajun spice, roast pumpkin, asparagus, persian feta in red wine sauce was good, three pieces of tender chicken thighs with soft roasted pumpkin.
To me, the winning dish from her preferred menu that day was the Coconut creme brulee, kafir lime biscotti. The creme was layered with thin crust caramel, the creme itself has shredded coconut and was not too sweet so it was perfectly balanced with the sweet caramel layer. To me, it was one hell of dessert.

Aside from the thought that I think they should improve a bit on their service, I had a wonderful time at Salt Grill and looking forward for my second visit.

Salt Grill
Altitude, The Plaza 46th flr
Jl. MH Thamrin Kav 28 - 30
Ph. +6221 29922448


Jessica Charlotte said...

Great pictures :) not really fancy the hefty price tag on the fries, but the main course looks superb. Which of your order do u like best? might want to visit this place soon. Thanks.

Ivy said...

Yeah the ala carte price is ridiculous. luckily they offer the set lunch menu. :)
hmmm though it was not amazingly great, but i do like the barramundi and sydney omelette most among the other.

Jessica Charlotte said...

Thanks for your kind reply, I will definitely go for the set menu with your suggestion :)