Thursday, August 29, 2013

Balboni Ristorante

During Lebaran holiday, my girls and I when to Balboni, an Italian restaurant located at Kota Kasablanka. The restaurant is actually located at the office building next to the shopping mall, but it can be conveniently go through from the ground level of the mall. The place itself is stunning. A wide open kitchen with bar section on the center of the room, and I liked how they combine the wooden earth color with greyish furniture for the table and chairs. There were also an open air area where white couches were placed for people to sit back and relax, it would be a great spot when the weather is friendly. 

Serving variety of Italian cuisine, we loved everything we ordered at Balboni that afternoon. The salmon fillet (115k) was served with roasted baby potatoes and balsamic salad. It was perfectly grilled and flavored. The fillet, despite the petite size was delicious. My friend's Asian mushroom risotto with ebi tempura (90k) was another delight. It was moist but not too creamy which was perfect for people who didn't like creamy dish, the fried tempura remain crunchy until the end. 

Dining in Italian restaurant won't be completed without trying their pasta & pizza. For the pasta, we tried Green curry chicken tagliatelle (50k) and Deviled chicken (70k) for the pizza.The pasta was cooked al dente and well seasoned. It was not dry and not oily too. As for the pizza, I think the picture says it all, don't you think? One hell of pizza, creamy, generous topping, thin crust. All the dishes were very good.

I must say with such great ambiance and wonderful food, Balboni's price range is consider cheap. I immediately got hooked on my first visit. Will definitely pay a second visit the next time I go to the area. 

Balboni Ristorante
Kota Kasablanka, Tower A lobby 
Jl. Casablanca 88 
South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 29568712


Jessica Charlotte said...

Ambience : checked!
Food : checked!
Price : checked!

I will be going to the check out this place very soon :)thanks for your review.

Audrey Subrata said...

looks so tempting, I love your posts. <3
may I know what camera and lens do you taking the pictures on your blog? :)

Ivy said...

@jessica: you're welcome :)

@audrey: thanks! :) am using canon eos 600D, though sometimes several posts on the blog were shot with Iphone 4S only.

irene said...

great review & pics, Ivy :)

Ivy said...

Thanks Irene! :) Not as great as yours yet :)