Friday, August 16, 2013

Enmaru, Altitude

For most Jakarta's residents who are not going on vacation on Lebaran holiday means only one thing to do, hopping from one mall to another. As for me, a foodie stays in Jakarta who happen to not having a vacation, it means time to clear up all the pending diners "to go" list on my smart phone's note pad.
Personally, the only thing get in the way of me trying out on new diners is mostly the hideous traffic. The road, and oh my... the so called free way is just getting worse each day, making me had to just satisfied with adding the names of new diners to my "to go" list without having the actual action to try. So, with Idul Fitri holiday comin' and I'm stuck with not going anywhere this year, what's more fun to do then hitting on the so free, so good, no traffic road, day by day, trying one by one new diners, scratch off each by each from my "to go" list.

Since Altitude took place at the 46th level of The Plaza, I have been eagerly wanted to try all three restaurants they have; Salt Grill for their Australian restaurant, Enmaru for Japanese, and Gaia for Italian, but only until last Saturday night I have the opportunity to finally went for dinner there, and my first choice went to Enmaru.

The trio are connected in U shape on the same height. The entrance is by taking the private lift at the lobby level of The Plaza, if you go from Plaza Indonesia, it is located near Kitchenette. Enmaru's design is very earthy. As you enter the place, you will pass by their small open kitchen with wooden antique look, paired with much more modern woods & rocks along with Japanese art, sake bottles as part of the interior design.Too bad the lighting was too dark for me to take a proper picture.

We happened to sit by the window overlooking the beautiful view of Jakarta at night. Fyi, there is a minimum spending of 200k per person to be allowed to sit next to the window. I wonder, if you are thinking the same thought as I did when they told me the policy. That it was a reasonable minimum spent seeing normally people would spent much higher on a place like this.

Turns out when I looked at the menu, the prices weren't as high as I would think. Well, yes there were items with upscale price range, especially their specials with price tag of 7 digits up, but there were also quite many items with only 100k below.

For our appetizers, we ordered the Sashimi salmon (70k) and Kaisen chawanmusi (Steamed egg custard with seafood) 58k. Both was very good. The salmon was served in thick slices and fresh, while the chawanmusi was so good, just melted in my mouth.
Oh yes, before our appetizers served, the waiter came with a wooden tray with several small bowls filled with tiny portions of pre-appetizers, each can choose one and we choose the tuna salad and some sort of slice steamed fish (couldn't remember the exact name).

The service at Enmaru was flawless. Very polite and very prompt. Our main courses were served a few seconds after we finished with the appetizers. Enmaru roll (cucumber, shibazuke, takuan roll and assorted sashimi on top) 198k, Unagi skewer (135k), Salmon belly skewer (40k) and Salmon teriyaki (Grilled salmon with teriyaki sauce and salmon roe) 78k. 

Their Enmaru roll came with a beautiful presentation. Placed in a stone plate with teriyaki and mayo sauce on the bottom and wasabi on the side, the sushi rolls with assorted sashimi on top definitely a feast for the eye, and happily saying, for the taste buds as well. It was one of the best sushi roll. So fresh, so good. Really worth the price tag.

I don't really like unagi so I can only quote my hubs opinion "good", yeah... he's not much of word type of person. LOL. I love the salmon belly, cooked medium rare, very tender. And the salmon teriyaki was nicely grilled, crisp on the outer skin and tender on the meat with tangy teriyaki sauce.


That Saturday night dining had put Enmaru on my top list for a good Japanese food dining in Jakarta. If you love Japanese food and haven't had a chance to visit Altitude, you might want to make Enmaru your first. :)

Altitude, The Plaza 46th flr
Jl. MH Thamrin Kav 28 - 30
Ph. +6221 29922448


Cend Woo said...

woooww.. the foods look amazing! and sound really tasty too .. visited salt grill already and enmaru definitely on the second list!

Ivy said...

You should order the enmaru roll! hopefully u'll enjoy it as much as i did =)

Jessica Christy said...

everything was very pretty! cant wait to try their enmaru roll ;)

Novarinna Tan said...

Mau cobain ahh... Thanks ya reviewed nya :)

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