Saturday, August 3, 2013

Au Chocolat, Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Last May, I went to Spore for a short break with my bestie. It had been nearly two years since our last trip together to Hong Kong back in 2011, so it was really fun to finally have another one. After checking in at York, we went to have lunch at Au Chocolat. Located at level 1 of Marina Bay Sands, Au Chocolat is a French inspired confectionery and bistro, opened by the same group behind Ku De Ta, half of the place was occupied for confectionery store filled with chocolates, candies and cakes. While the bistro have wide selections from breakfast foods, finger foods, main courses and delicious desserts.

The price range was not cheap but they offered an affordable $29 set menu for soup, main course and dessert at selected hours (I forgot the exact time, sorry). We started our lunch with their famous Truffle fries ($15), seasoned with truffle salt and came with light mayo and barbeque sauce on the sides, the fries were deliciously crisp, no wonder almost all tables ordered the same thing. Our main course, Duck Confit ($27) was amazingly good. The pan roasted duck thigh served with potato mash was so smooth and full of flavor. The sauteed spinach and baby carrots were nicely poached. Topped with tangy orange chocolate sauce, it was a very well done dish. 

And even it was not a perfect pair for our lunch that day, but their chocolate drinks were to die for. We each other their cold & hot one to compare. My Au chocolat frozen hot chocolate ($12) was rich and creamy, topped with chocolate shavings making it hard to resist even when my tummy was bloated up. My bestie chose to have Au Chocolat hot fudge ($10), and it was deliciously hot, came with two soft marshmallows. Imagine drinking a creamy hot milo, but 10 times better. *wink*

With the huge selections they have, there were so many things we wanted to try, so sad there were no space left for us to fill in our tummy. But I'll be back, for their tempted looking Caramel apple skillet and more! 

Au Chocolat
Level 1, 01-03
The shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Ph. +65 66887227
Opening hours: 10am - 11pm (until 12mid on Fri & Sat)

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