Thursday, August 29, 2013

Liberte French Brasserie

Our next foodventure of the day went to Liberte, a French patisserie inside Gallery Lafayette Pacific Place. I wasn't put much expectations on the place, to be honest. We were just happened to be at Pacific Place having an innocent window shopping when we passed by Liberte and decided to give it a try. 

As expected from the outside, the bistro was not too spacious. Designated in a L shape, the place felt very modern with all walls covered with grey color and touch of black, with glass window offering view of SCBD. I must say, with too many new cafes in town with almost the same theme, natural wood color, Liberte does stands out for being different. Another surprise, all the tables were fully occupied, we were considered lucky to immediately get a table for two. I wouldn't say it was the best place to have a good long chat seeing how each table is located very close to another. Even without any intention, you can easily hear what people who sit next to you are talking about.

We ordered their Vitamin waters flavor all citrus (65k), it was purely water infused with citrus. I often made my own lemon or cucumber infused water at home, and this one tasted the same. So refreshing! Then we ordered the Breaded mushrooms (38k), Barramundi (85k) and Duck confit (168k). Upon ordering we were given a plate of complimentary bread and it was so good! Crisp and soft at the same time.

As for the others, the mushrooms, salmon and duck confit were all pretty standard. The mushroom were too tiny cuts compare to the crumbs, the salmon though tasted quite good but it was way too thin sliced, and the duck confit were okay, i guess. Overall, it was not bad but I must say that I enjoyed the place more than the food itself, except for the delicious breads.

Galleries Lafayette Pacific Place 2nd flr
Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav. 52-53
SCBD, South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 57973425

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