Saturday, August 3, 2013

Hotel Reviews: York Hotel Singapore

If you are looking for a hotel along Orchard, a nice one with not too shocking room rates, York Hotel might be the one. The location might not beat Mandarin, but the price surely did. The room is a bit old, but very clean and not smelly. I stayed at Mandarin before, and the room is also kinda old.

Priced around USD 180/ night for the superior room (see picture, room size 27m2), I haven't found another 4* hotel at Orchard with lower price than York. York is located behind Paragon, you can go there through Paragon, passing by Mount Elizabeth hospital, but personally I prefer another way, via Far East Plaza so while you walking, you will not feel too tired as you can see around, I mean... walking by malls definitely more fun than walking by hospital rite? The distance is the same depending you are closer to Paragon or Far East. 

The only downside is, if you go by foot, it will be a bit tiring for elderly as the road is a bit uphill. With that reason, I don't recommend people who travel with elderly to stayed at York, unless you choose to go anywhere by cab, as if you plan to take the MRT, you will definitely have to walk up/ down the uphill road all the way to nearest MRT (at Ion MRT if you choose to exit via Far East Plaza, at Somerset MRT if you choose to exit via Paragon). 

There are lots of Indonesian tourist stay at York, hence most of their staffs are fluent in speaking Bahasa. Also, this is not a guaranteed thing, but during my several stays at York, I learned and experienced this, try to check in a bit late around 5pm evening, if you are in luck, they will upgrade you to nicer room as they ran out the standard one. It happened to me three times. I checked in late, and got bumped from superior to premiere room and one time, to Junior suite. The premiere room is nicer, very large king size bed. The suite, on the other hand, has a smaller bed size and older look, though the room size is much bigger. 

York Hotel 
21 Mount Elizabeth 
Ph. +65 67370511

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