Tuesday, August 20, 2013

[CLOSED] Mee Kepang


The past couple months, I have heard numerous good words on this new noodle joint located at The Foundry No.8. Last Thursday, I went with bestie for a bowl of noodle breakfast. The noodle joint is very petite, not more than 6 tables. The menu was simple, consist of few type of noodles to choose. We chose to have Mee ayam bakso pangsit (37k) and mee ayam woku rica (37k). Unfortunately their fresh squeeze Jeruk Pontianak was not available, so we went with their Homemade liang teh (15k).


The moment our noodles were served at the table, we immediately smelled the strong nice aroma of chicken broth. Mee ayam bakso pangsit came with slices of chicken, two meatballs and two dumplings, while the ayam woku was basically the same noodle with slice chicken, the only difference was it came with lots of chilli on the top. The noodles were delicious, I love how springy it was. Well seasoned and not mushy and oily. Personally, I prefer the original one with no woku chilli, stronger taste on the chicken stock, plus the chilli was a bit oily.

I also loved the fact that the noodles were home made with no preservatives and how they were not oily as some other noodles. The homemade liang teh was refreshing, not overly sweet and you can tell that they didn't use any fructose or sweet syrup on it. Overall, I enjoyed the noodles very much and definitely will pay another visit, soon. 

Mee Kepang
The Foundry No. 8 SCBD
Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav 52 - 53
South Jakarta
Ph. +6281380870470

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