Thursday, August 22, 2013

Kopitiam Tan

Kopitiam Tan is the latest establishment by BIKO group, created to be a modern yet casual traditional dining & coffee shop. With the free wifi and central location in business district, it was obvious how the kopitiam is aiming for office staffs & executives to be part of their regular diners.

We went there after wandering a while on the small shops at the foundry. Yes, second course after Mee Kepang *blush* Kopitiam Tan located at the same complex of Lot 8 but not inside the foundry, it was positioned at the parking lot across Beautika. The place is huge. Entering the place, you will see an antique bicycle, oldies tin cans and brown sacks display, and I liked the old fashioned cutlery on the tables.  

The menu was only piece of paper made like newspaper serving menu of rice, porridge, noodles, kaya toast and light snacks such as martabak telor and roti canai. On weekends, they also served continental breakfast like eggs benedict from 7am. We asked the waiter for recommendation and he suggested Nasi goreng cabe ijo (green chilli fried rice) 38k and Hainanese crispy chicken with belachan sauce (39k) so we went with that plus Ys teler (avocado, coconut, jack fruit with homemade syrup and condensed milk) 25k for dessert.

Unexpectedly, the food presentation was nothing like ordinary kopitiam. For a coffee shop, I applaud them for making an effort to make the food a feast for the eyes. It's one of the important thing rite? Pleased your eyes before your belly. My fried rice was surprisingly delicious. I especially loved how they cooked it with salted fish and how thoughtful they were on putting pickles, krupuk, sambal belachan and salted egg as part of the condiments.

My bestie's hainanese rice was also lookin' sharp, boneless fried chickens with hainanese rice and sambal belachan. The taste was ordinary though, rice was not fragrant enough and the chicken broth was too salty. It was not bad, I mean come on, how bad could boneless fried chicken go? It was just a pretty ordinary kind of dish. 

Our Ys teler came as we finished our main courses and I liked it. Well, not really different with the usual one, but I like that they didn't put too much syrup or sugar in it, generous sweet jack fruits, coconut and avocado, make it a refreshing dessert in such hot weather Jakarta was having the past few weeks.  

I would say they are doing great for a Kopitiam. Just like what they write in front of the menu,since there is no long wait for food preparation, the place is very ideal for a quick lunch or even a meeting with business partner since the location is very office strategic. I just hope with the free wifi they offer, there won't be too many people who only come and order a 40k coffee or butter kaya toast and having it tremendously slow while hacking on the free wifi. You know, like that popular commercial mocking about. ;)

Kopitiam Tan 
Lot 8 SCBD
Jl. Jend Sudirman kav 52 - 53
South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 5150614 -15
Opening hours:
Mon - Thurs: 11am - 12mid
Fri: 11am - 2am
Sat: 7am - 2am
Sun: 8am - 12mid

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