Friday, August 9, 2013

Tim Ho Wan, Plaza Singapura

Tim Ho Wan finally opens in Singapore with the first outlet took place at Plaza Singapura. This tremendously famous dimsum eatery franchised from Hong Kong has been well known as world's cheapest one michelin star restaurant, also been highly raved by American celebrity chef, Anthony Bourdain. 

The place has just opened around a month when my bestie and I went for our first try out. Though I have experienced several failed visits to the one in Hong Kong due to the unbelievable packed of customers, I obviously forgot to make it a lesson to show up earlier way before their opening hours. We arrived around 10am which was supposedly their opening hours, but it was public holiday (Good Friday) so they opened a bit late. The crowd, however though was shockingly.
See pictures below...

It took us 2 hours 10 minutes to finally have our breakfast lunch. It was literally the longest I have ever waited for a meal, on a standing queue! I even never have to queue that long to go to a concert. I guess in the world of F&B, Tim Ho Wan's popularity equals to Justin Bieber. Luckily, I came with my bestie who I have been friends with for 19 years, so she was more than willing to accompany me during those silly long queue and even cost us $40 late check out penalty fee as we went back late to the hotel. >.<

So, the questions are, was it worth the 2 hours 10 minutes queue? I find it hard to answer it with a simple yes or no, as I didn't regret our 2 hours queue, but surely not willing to do another 2 hours, say on my next visit.

The most popular must order menu at Tim Ho Wan is their legendary Baked buns with bbq pork ($4.5). So popular that they limit one person to only able to order 3 portions (1 portion for 3pc) of the baked buns each. During my second visit on June, it was even more horrendous, the baked buns were limited to each person only able to order one portion of it.
Was it really that good??? Yes dear, it was! Coming from me, who is not even a porky lover, trust me, it was heavenly delicious! The buns were these polo type of buns, baked crisp with generous bbq pork inside with tangy flavor. It was so gooood!

No wonder they have to come with the portion limit rules on the buns, as the other were mostly standard. Good, but not great. The so called other favorite items, Pan fried carrot cake ($4.5), Steamed egg cake ($3,8), Vermicelli roll with pig's liver ($5,5) and Glutinous rice dumplings ($5) were like I said earlier, good but not great. But I do like the rice dumpling, not dry, seasoned well, generous filling. The other items on the menu, Steamed prawn dumplings ($5.5), Prawn dumpling ($5.5), and Bean curd skin roll with pork & shrimp ($5) tasted the same as the other dimsum restaurants.

Luckily, my second visit in June turned up to be quite well. I didn't have to queue as it was a weekday plus hubs and I reached there around 9.30, waited a while and immediately seated as soon as the diner opens. The baked buns? Still heavenly good. Mark my words. :)
Anyway bottom line, it is definitely worth the visit but go early when the queue has not start yet, as the food is not worth the 2 hours queue.

Tim Ho Wan 
Plaza Singapura level 01-29
The atrium @Orchard
68 Orchard Road
Ph. +65 62512000
Opening hours: 10am - 10pm


pak gendoet said...

Infonya sangat bagus & Menarik serta Menginspirasi .

Sukses selalu

Jessica Charlotte said...

I'm definitely going to try this on my next visit to SG in Sept. Thanks for the review :)


Ivy said...

@jessica: u're welcome! :) go go try their baked buns. so goood. hihihi

Charles Tjahaja said...

Yummy charsiew baked buns! Worth the queue for 30 mins.