Friday, August 2, 2013

Plan B

Plan B is a Spanish restaurant located at office ruko along Permata Senayan. The owner is a Spanish chef who had worked in several Michelin star restaurants in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, San Sebastian and Sevilla. He later took his cooking skill to countries in Latin America and South East Asia before deciding to open his own Spanish restaurant in Indonesia.

When hubs and I went there last Saturday night, the place was packed. Nothing much to be said on the interior, they keep it casual simple with orange as the theme color. The place mats were made from laminated old newspapers. Creative and budget saving, huh?
The menu comes with lot selections of tapas with affordable price range. That night, we tried their Sauteed artichokes and egg with salmon (40k), Garlic baquette (18k), Greek salad (32k) and Meat paella (145k).

While the tapas was not my favorite, it was quite good. I appreciate the fresh salmon, the suitable seasoning and the way they cooked the egg was good, not too cooked so it didn't felt too dry. The garlic baquettes were delicious. I simply love how crisp they were. The classic salad were so so, just a plate of fresh veggies with goat cheese accompanied with olive oil & balsamic vinegar as the dressings. Finally, the meat paella, Spanish traditional rice cooked with chicken & beef chorizo came in a big hot pan, enough portion for two. I loved how they were being generous on the chicken and sausages, the rice was full of flavor too, but personally I didn't really enjoy it as to me, it was too mushy.

Overall, Plan B comes as a good addition as one of the Spanish restaurants in Jakarta, lots of selections, affordable price, good food and very friendly owner cum chef. He even personally visited each tables for a small talk. :)

Plan B 
Komplek Rukan Permata Senayan
Jl. Tentara Pelajar Blok D 25-26
Ph. +6221 57940821
Directions: After passing Hotel Mulia, make a U-turn before the red light, then turn left. You will see an intersection, keep straight ahead then turn left. Not far after you turn left, you will see a office ruko complex on your left, enter the complex and just look for Plan B.

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