Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hotel Reviews: Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore

Last July, hubs and I went for an impromptu trip to Spore. Both of us were in need of a break that time and with only 1 hour 20 minutes flight, Spore always seems to be the right choice. It was actually a surprise trip from him. Hubs also the one who booked the hotel without my knowledge. If it was me, I doubt that I will book our stay at MBS. Why? Coz no matter how touristy that place is, my heart always stays in Orchard. For the convenient, the food, the shops, everything about it. But boy was I about to change my stubbornness.

Ever since its establishment, Marina Bay Sands has attracts millions of tourist around the world. For the casino, the huge shopping malls and yes, the infinity pool with breathtaking views of Spore. 

We stayed in their premier city view room which offer a stunning view. The room is 47 sqm and feature a floor to ceiling window, located on 19th level and above to best enjoy the spectacular morning and night city view. In my opinion, for that kind of price, the room is not that fancy, but we pay for the view and oh the amazing infinity pool. You know, never in my life that I swim or even bother to step foot at hotel's swimming pool before, but this one really got me hooked. I swam twice during my 2 nights stay.

During the opening of MBS when people were going nuts talking on how awesome the infinity pool was, I didn't even bother to go up there to take a peek during my previous times wandering at MBS. In my mind, it was only a swimming pool, no big deal. I was wrong, it's not really about the pool, it's the whole package that counts. Well, they say you have to see it to believe it. 

Marina Bay Sands Hotel 
10 Bayfront Avenue
Marina Bay, Singapore
Ph. +65 66888897
(MRT Bayfront)

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praveen pandit said...

Wow , That is really beautiful . The sight from the MBS is outstanding . Travel Goa Tour Packages