Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Beyond any doubt, Daitokyo Sakaba is the best meal I've had during these couple months. The Japanese eatery is managed under Daisei group who also managing Ramen 38, Yellow Fin and Kira Kira Ginza. I have always love Gyutan and in my search of finding the best one in town, I stumbled upon Daitokyo, which yes, so far serve the most satisfying Gyutan I've ever had.
The place was not hard to find especially if you are familiar with Little Tokyo at Melawai Blok M. The small eatery is located inside the packed alley of Little Tokyo not far from Kira Kira Ginza. 

They have two storey. The upstairs meant for tables with grilling exhaust, for customer who prefer to have the meat grill at the kitchen could choose to sit downstairs. We normally like to grill the meat ourselves, but that night, we chose to sit downstairs and have the kitchen do the rest. And may I say, it was a wise choice. Sometimes, our unprofessional grilling technique could end up making the meat overcooked, so leaving it to the pro seems like a proper choice.

Carrying Japanese cuisines, the place has a strong feel of Japanese as well. Petite with wooden application all over the room. Expect to find small wood chambers with personal table inside. I love the sense of privacy. The waiters are friendly and the product knowledge is awesome.

Roast Beef 75k 

Negishiotan (Beef tongue) 75k 

Buta Bara (Pork Belly) 40k 

Buta Tan (Pork tongue) 55k 

Asupara Bacon (Beef bacon wrapped asparagus) 32k and Kawa (Chicken skin) 12k 

Honestly I couldn't pick a favorite because they were all just too good!!! Hands down to the chef for grilling the meats to perfection. They were all tremendously tender and juicy. I remember we ate while kept on saying "so good" repeatedly. If... If... I really have to choose a not so favorite one, it might be the Yakitori Don (60k). It's a steamed rice bowl with five types of chicken and a choice of half or cooked kinds of egg. This was actually tasted great, but the half cooked egg ruined it. I know, how can possibly a runny egg yolk ruin a dish right? In this case, it did. The steamed rice was warm, so having the egg half cooked with runny egg yolk mixed with the rice is a big mistake, as it made the rice becoming wet and mushy, like a failed risotto. I would so recommend to have the egg well cooked. Despite the ruin rice, the chicken toppings were delicious especially the chicken skin!

Will I go back? YESSS! Hubs and I enjoyed the dinner very much and I personally recommend Daitokyo Sakaba as a place so worth to try. If you happen to go there after reading my post, finger crossed you would get the same great dining experience as ours.

Thank you so much for reading!

Daitokyo Sakaba (Dai Toky Sakaba)
Jl. Melawai 9 No. 26
Blok M, Kebayoran Baru
South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 7222047
Opening hours: 5.30pm - 12.30am
(Closed at 11pm on weekend)


Daisy Caroline said...

Funny I just had a dinner here some days ago, and it is indeed a good place with good food. I think our tastes are kind of similar so if you have never been (I doubt it, though!) to Kaihomaru, please check it out! Also Takumi in Senayan Golf is very fresh and nice too ;)


Ivy said...

Ah really?! Happy to know you like it too, the place needs more credit.
I've been to Takumi. Yes it's nice & fresh, but the price is quite steep huh. Never been to Kaihomaru, will put it on the try list soon!:) tx for visiting the blog daisy!