Sunday, February 9, 2014

Taco Local

Panglima Polim has become one of the streets with quite lots of evolving diners. Mangia, HolyGyu!, Loobie Lobster, Sinou KaffeeConvivium and Taco Local, which has been constantly mentioned as the best taco in town. 

The place was a small house turned into a small diners and also bicycle store. Nothing much to stay on the interior, they kept it pretty simple with long commune table on the centre with wooden furniture. Aside from Tacos, they also served some other Mexican food like Quesadillas, burrito and nachos. The system was semi fast food. Ordered, paid and wait for it to be delivered to the table.

We were just finished from a late breakfast at Mangia just right beside them, skipped the dessert but still feel pretty full so we just focused on the tacos. The tacos comes in 2 options, single or double. We each ordered the single one of Al Pastor (grilled shoulder, pickled cabbage, salsa fresca, salsa verde and grilled pineapple) 32k, and Lengua (grilled beef tongue, salsa fresca and crispy pork rind) 32k. The tacos were shockingly came with generous fillings. The meat was plenty, so worth the money paid. 

See how the meat was shockingly in fat chunks and sort of burst out from the taco shell? The taste? Delicioso! The meat was tender and full of flavors. The rumor is true. I might not had many Mexican food, but this might be the best tacos I've had so far. I loved how the shell was not those crunchy nachos type. Both were good but I liked Lengua better as I felt the Al pastor one has too many sauces.

Saparilla (20k)
Panglima Polim streets surely turning into an area worth to visit for hungry foodies! =)

Taco Local
Jl. Panglima Polim V No.38
South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 94949538

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