Monday, January 6, 2014

Holy Gyu!

It was Saturday. Only a day after we got back from our short new year trip, We were tired, lack of sleep, hungry of steak but wasn't really in the mood to go somewhere far. We were thinking to go to Seven to 7 at PIK, but when I called toll information asking about the traffic to South and they said it was jammed free, our initial plan changed just like that and it brought us to Holy Gyu! It took us not more than 25 mins to reach Panglima Polim, something that could never happen in a normal Saturday night. The parking however was a hassle. With Sinou Kaffe, Mangia, Taco Local, Loobie lobster & Holy Gyu itself located one next to another, no wonder the streets were packed with cars.

Holy Gyu! Is a Japanese wagyu steak house under the same ownership with people behind Holy Cow! and Loobie Lobster. It located beside Loobie Lobster & customers are allowed to order menu from both diners. The interior is quite simple, red painted walls with black furniture. We were seated after 20 minutes of waitlist.

All the steaks come with options of 100gr and 200gr. Each comes with three kinds of sauce; tsuke dare sauce, goma sauce and lemon sauce, also three side dishes; steamed rice/ onigiri, sauteed vegetables and wakame soup.  The priciest on the menu would be the kobe beef (520k for 200gr), while the others range between 87k - 285k.

Hubs chose Wagyu rib eye 9+ (280k for 200gr) and I went with Wagyu Tan (125k for 200gr). Initially, I asked for 100gr to save some space for Loobie, but the staff said they were sold out. I'm not sure why they can't split the 200gr beef to make 2 portions of 100gr, but I was relieved to have to choose the bigger portion, as it was so so gooood! I honestly didn't expect it to be that good but it was! The beef tongue was very tender and perfectly grilled. I left the sauces untouched as I feel it's unnecessary, the meat itself already full of flavor. Hubs' rib eye was also good, but I much prefer the wagyu tan. The rib eye was sliced too thin and wasn't as juicy as I thought it would be, a bit not worth it for 285k.

The rice, sauteed vegetables and wakame soup were quite okay for side dishes, but personally the rice and soup makes me feel like I was eating a bento set instead of steak. I would definitely back for second visit and hopefully will stay as good as our first.

Holy Gyu!
Jl. Panglima Polim V No. 21
Kebayoran Baru
South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 97990370
Opening hours: 11am - 2pm, 5 - 10pm

How to go there: From Blok M Plaza red light (blok m on your right), go straight until another red light, turn left, and you will see 7 Eleven on the corner of your right, turn right into the 7 eleven alley and Holy Gyu is on the left.

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