Monday, January 13, 2014

Common Man Coffee Roasters Singapore

I love brunch. It's my favorite meal of the day. Since Spore has bunch of them, it has become a habit for me to always include at least one visit to a new brunch place, whenever I happen to go to the country. I even had a list of all the recommended brunch places in Spore saved in my mobile's notepad and one on the top of the list is Common Man Coffee Roasters.

Located not far from my favorite bakery, Baker & Cook at Martin Road, the area is not easy accessible by public bus or mrt, the neighborhood is simply calm and laid back since they have none shopping malls or public areas around, mostly office buildings and apartments, makes it perfect for a peaceful morning brunch. 

Common Man Coffee Roasters is a collaboration between Harry Grover, the man behind forty hands cafe with Australia's five senses coffee. The place was very much artistic. A long communal table placed at the centre with view of barista roasting up the coffee. I loved how the place was spacious and very earthy with all the deep wood furniture.

I'm not a coffee drinker, so pardon me for not elaborate more on the coffee here. White Coffee ($5) from Common Man has nice aroma, I could see it by how hubs paused to inhale it for quite seconds before taking the first sip. He said, as I quoted, the coffee was strong, even with the pouring milk, it was not overpowering the coffee itself, the texture was smooth and not too foamy.

Aside being popular for their coffee, they serve all day breakfast menu where they only use organic eggs. Often quoted as one of the few who serves best eggs benedict in town, I ordered their Organic eggs benedict ($24). Two poached organic eggs & chive hollandaise with braised ox cheeks and sourdough toast served in a clay plate. The poached eggs were flawless, smooth texture with heavenly runny egg yolk. Though the idea of having ox cheeks for breakfast is a bit weird for me but it was a fine piece of meat, very very very tender. But personally I would still prefer if they have other options such as salmon.

Common man full breakfast ($26) comes with two range of organic eggs, bacon, sausage, tomato salsa, hash browns, mushrooms & pork cannellini beans with sourdough toast. Huge portion, again perfect poached eggs, loved the crisp toasted sourdough, everything on the plate was more than decent. Agreed how the price was slightly pricey, but the portion was huge and easily enough to share for two.

If you are a brunch person who also need a coffee boost in the morning, Common Man Coffee Roasters is the ideal place to have both.

Common Man Coffee Roasters
22 Martin Road #01-00
Ph. +65 68364695
Opening hours: 8am - 7pm

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