Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Le Quartier

It has been raining heavily since morning and hasn't been showing any sign that it will stop soon. I never like rain. It tend to ruin my mood. But, at least for today, I have the rain to thank for keeping me at home to finish on some pending posts from last year.  

Finally! A chance to visit one of the most talked about place in town. I have been desperately wanting to go to Le Quartier months months ago, around June last year year when I passed by the place. The white & cobalt blue house turned into restaurant is looking too fancy to be missed out. Yet, only until a couple days before Christmas I finally got the chance to visit this French restaurant. 

As expected as we walked in, the place was huge and gorgeous. Since we were there couple days before Christmas, they placed Christmas' ornaments on the interior which just made the place merrier. Initially, I wanted to sit at the spacious section right across the main door, where they have these huge wall paintings all over the rooms with natural light, but the staff guided us to a table at corner next to the window with white lace curtains, painted cobalt blue walls and chandelier hanging down the ceiling. Chandelier... Never fails on bringing out classiness. I loved how they paired deep brown tables with plaid navy napkins and a small vase of red flowers as the centerpiece.


The complimentary bread and my Le Quartier citrus cooler (lemon, lime, cucumber, mint, berries, ginger syrup, soda water) 38k came as a great starter. Hubs wanted to have the grilled pork belly but It was unfortunate that we were there just a half hour late before they closed up the order on the grill sections (12-3pm only before starts again at 6pm), so he went with Green pea risotto (I forgot the actual name & price) and it was an exquisite choice. The risotto was so good. It was creamy and moist with fresh aragula leaves on the top.


I have been wanting to try their stone baked pizza since I read the good reviews on several foodie blogs, a bit wishy washy on deciding to go with smoke duck breast or the white ham and truffle oil (148k), I ended choosing the latter one and again, so so so goood. Probably one of the best pizza I've had so far. It was perfectly baked, crisp on the side, moist on the centre with generous toppings! I just loved how they have spinach as one of the toppings, and the white ham? Heaven. Luv how they didn't bake it along with the pizza dough, instead they simply put it on the top with fresh aragula leaves. Luv how they were being so generous on the large cuts of ham. It was one hell of pizza, seriously, i was hooked on my first bite. When I thought it wouldn't get any better, I found poached egg hidden under the white ham!

Look look at those runny egg yolks! Words might not be enough to describe how much I loved their pizza. As the pizza was huge, we took away the left over slices and I preheated it the next morning, amazingly to find how it even stay crisp and yummy.

We ordered the pig ear cracklings (around 80k). It looked appetizing but wasn't really what I expected. It was a good crunch but it was sliced too thin. I have heard many compliments on their desserts and practically drooling just by reading them on the menu, but I knew I would die of overeating if I dare to order one. For next visit!

I like almost everything at Le quartier, the food, the ambiance, but I do have to point out that I was not really fond on their service. It wasn't bad, but for such place, I would expect friendlier service. The waiter who took our order seems to be in a bad mood with her grumpy face, and when I found a dead ant on my drink, he (different waiter from the one with the grumpy face), apologized but not in a sincere kind of way, you know wat I mean? It's more like, oh okay sorry, not really feel like he meant that he is sorry on how a dead insect could appear inside my drink. The lady who greeted us in the front desk was a joy though, very cheerful. Aside from the not so friendly service from some of the staffs, I do recommend this place for delicious food with great ambiance.

Le Quartier
Jl. Gunawarman No. 34
Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 72788001

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Cend Woo said...

i booked this place for christmas dinner and ordered that pizza too! and guess what! i ate 6 slices of it.. super full .. yummy.. but i didn't found any runny yolk under my ham huhu