Wednesday, January 15, 2014

P&B Coffee Shop PIK

A smart restaurant business owner should know that a good restaurant depends on three main factors, food, service and ambiance. Fail on either one and a flaw marked right on. Of course, there are too some other important factors, like personally for me, a clean washroom in a restaurant is a must.

I have been to many diners who put ambiance as an afterthought, or even worse, not a single thought. Sure, food is the first crucial thing, an excellent service with nice ambiance would be nothing without good food. However, it is also true how in life, we, as human often judge from its cover, and that goes the same way for a restaurant, before one can judge on the food, one has to walk inside the diner, be seated and see the menu first. That's when ambiance & service play their part, and yes, before food even served. Get what I mean?

For me, P&B has all three factors... Good food, great ambiance, friendly service

I happen to be one of the people who believe on how important a first impression is, and it only took me a minute to be impressed by P&B the moment I stepped inside. It looks like a glasshouse from the outside, yet a cozy American bistro type on the inside. It was a quiet night with drizzling rain. We were seated next to the table with view overlooking through the streets. The whole room has dimmed lighting with soft jazz music played in the background. I swear, it was an unbeatable ambiance.

P&B is not a new kid on the block. Formerly known as Pan & Barrel, they are one of the first few restaurants at Pantai Indah Kapuk. Being under renovation for quite some time, now they reopened with new brand & much better concept. They might label themselves as a coffee shop, but they serves wide range of food & beverages, including the selections of croissants at the pastry display.

We had Mushroom bruschetta (35k) which was supposed to be an appetizer, but the large portion surprised us. A big slice of garlic bread covered with generous mushrooms and cheddar cheese. The taste was only okay.
Hubs' beef & cheese burger (75k) was super good! The burger was huge and the beef patty was surprisingly juicy. I also loved how they put quite amount of veggies between the buns and how it was not only the regular lettuces but with some of my favorite arugula leaves.

My Spaghetti duck aglio olio (65k) was a good choice. The spaghetti was perfectly cooked. Olive oil was just right that it didn't leave any greasy oil taste behind. The duck meat was tender and pretty generous. I tried their signature, P&B Iced tea (35k), very refreshing ice tea with lime sorbet on the top. The sorbet was light and sour, nice texture that it didn't melt down that quick.

Pan & Barrel has always been one of my favorite diners at PIK, but I stated on my previous review how I loved the place but wasn't into the loud music, now that they return with lighter music, I easily see my self being one of their regulars. Say hello to Ivy's choice for best dining ambiance at PIK.

P&B eatery, bakery, coffee shop
Ruko Crown Golf No. 27-28
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Opening hours: 7am - 11pm (until 1am on weekend)

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