Friday, July 1, 2011

Pan & Barrel

I saw this new opening restaurant when we were on our way to Bakmi Aloi. It located next to the new seafood restaurant that I also haven't got the chance to try. I was very curious about this Pan & Barrel as from outside, I can't really know what type of restaurant it was. So last night, I went there with my husband. We reached there around 9pm something. When we parked our car outside their ruko, we can already heard the loud music. I told my husband that the place looks like a pub and it was...Most likely.

They have indoor and outdoor spot. First, we choose to sat outside as I can't stand the music. But then we decided to moved inside when the mosquitoes keep on torturing us. I liked the design. The interior inside was designed with wood and bricks and they were using dim light. The outdoor one was designed like terrace. They had this comfy rattan couch placed outside and inside and they put barrels as table. The owner definitely took effort in the interior.

The place just opened for few days. I could see the menu was still temporary one, it was like a piece of paper laminated. It said that Pan & Barrel was kitchen & bar. From the menu, I noticed they have more selections on beverages rather than food. They only have 2 kinds of finger foods, 4 choices of pizza and 3 choices of pasta, while they have quite selections of beverages from soft drink, juices, cocktails, mocktail and beer. We chose Spaghetti aglio olio (48k) and Spicy pepperoni pizza (55k).

The spaghetti was sauted in olive oil with smoke beef and chilli padi. It was good, but when we finished the dish, we saw there was too many oil left in the plate. But the flavor was delicious.

The pizza was came in 8 slices, thin crust type. It was good!

Overall, we were satisfied with the meals and the service was ok even though there were still on the soft opening period. They have 20% promotion during the soft opening, so we end up only paid 110k for the meals, blackcurrant ice tea & mineral water. =)
Even though I do like their interior concept and the food was good, but I'm not sure that I will be coming back simply because I'm not into a place with loud music. But for those who wants to hang out with friends and have some drinks, this place could be a great option. 

*I didn't bring my camera, and my blackberry camera wasn't helping, so all the pictures of the interior was courtesy of Pan & Barrel FB page.

Pan & Barrel
Ruko Crown Golf No. 27-28A
Pantai Indah Kapuk


selvi.Rinita said...

Thank you Ivy, a very good review!

I went there 7th july thursday, and arrived about 10pm. And the place is in a full house.

I really liked the pizza and the innovative tower beers.

They also took the effort to invite a DJ instead of playing repetitive CDs. This is something new in the area. For me, I don't mind the loud music as long as it is good, but please do dim the lights more.

For me, this is the best place to hangout around pluit and PIK. We will definitely be back soon.

Please say "hi" to the DJ for me. He's cute and loud. ;)

Ivy said...

Hi Selvi...

I agree with you on the pizza. It was yumm and the place surely nice to hang out. =)

Cute lady ^^ said...

I just came there and checked out the place, but haven't got a chance to try the meals yet. Must try someday, definitely will as I live close by hehehe :P Fantastic place to hang out for the youngsters :) in PIK area. Nice atmosphere, luv the musix. Pretty kewl ^_*

Stevenny said...

Several weeks ago I turned for revisit and now they do hv more food varieties. Try the spaghetti seafood marinara, sure do best