Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ocha & Bella

Last Friday, I went to Ocha & Bella with my colleagues for lunch. I saw from the other food bloggers' blog that it was located at Citadines hotel in Menteng area, but when we drove there, we didn't see any hotel with Citadines name, turns out they had changed their name into Morrisey hotel. It was a boutique type hotel, not big but designed minimalist modern.

Ocha & Bella was located at the entrance of the hotel. It has indoor and outdoor spot. The place was very nicely decorated. The interior's floor was with parquet while they have big door from glasses separated indoor with outdoor. The outdoor was decorated like mini garden terrace. Very comfy with rocking chairs and sofas. The whole concept was very chic and stylish. Nicely done. 

We sat inside to avoid the sun heat and start to order. The menu was from paper and clipped in a piece of board. I noticed many new restaurants now use the same method for their menu book, more or less like Pesto & Kitchenette. Innovative and cost saving. 

Anyway, Ocha & Bella was an Italian restaurant so they have many pasta selections, although they also serve light meals of Japanese food. And like most of the italian restaurant, we were given complimentary bread for starters. Back to the menu, I chose Tagliata (180k), it was Australian striploin grilled with rocket salad, suppose to come with Balsamic sauce but I switched to mushroom. They have selections of side dishes to pair up with steaks with additional of 40k. My steak was too ordinary compared to the price, the meat was dry and wasn't tender at all. The rocket salad was fresh and they put little tomatoes that was also very fresh, but the meat was a disappointment. My colleagues chose Ravioli al ragu di carne (90k), a homemade ravioli filled with potato, parminiago and served in bolognese sauce, while the other one chose Pappardelle e salsiccia (80k), we thought that the pappardelle (type of pasta) will be stuffed with pork inside as the stuffing as it was written at the menu that the dish came with pork sausage. Turns out the pork was minced and stir with the pasta and it was chopped too small that almost unseen and untasted. I didn't try their pasta as I never into anything dairy and creamery but according to my colleagues, both failed the expectations. However, their food presentations were lovely.

Complimentary bread
Ravioli al ragu di carne
Pappardelle e salsiccia
On the other hand, the beverages were satisfying. We ordered 2 glasses of Homemade ice lemon lime tea (25k) and 1 glass of Floral w/ peach & lavender ice tea (35k). The lemon tea was absolutely refreshing, it came with 1 scoop of mint ice cream. I can say their homemade lemon tea was surely a must try. The Floral w/ peach & lavender ice tea came with too many shaved ice so it was a bit hard to drink.

Homemade Ice Lemon Mint Tea
Floral w/ peach & lavender iced tea
Despite the not so favorable dishes, I will be paying another visit to Ocha & Bella as I just loved the way they decorated the place and the way they presented the food. Hopefully next time, I will not only be satisfied visually. =)

Ocha & Bella
Morrisey hotel
Jl. KH Wahid Hasyim No. 70
Ph. +6221 3105577

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