Tuesday, July 26, 2011

About a wonderful woman named MOM

I know that everyone will always say that their mom is the best. I also one of those everyone. My mom is amazing. She was born in 1940s, in times where things were not as easy as now. I'm not saying that life is getting easier, but it surely was not easy for my mom back then. Having born in a simple family, my mom's childhood was not exactly a fairy tale. Being the 4th from 5 siblings was not making her as a spoiled daughter. Since she was a teenage, my mom had been a hardworking person. At the age of 17, she managed to have a store and a car on her own, not a single Rupiah from my grand parents. My mom is very independent and had I told you that she is very hardworking and smart? Her business mind is excellent. She is a great business woman, a great wife and an excellent mother. She could managed to be great in each aspect. So proud of her.

When my brother was born, my mom know that she had to give up her business career to take care of her son. She took a decision to change it to home business where she could still run her business and taking care of my brother and I. Knowing my mom, I know that it was not an easy decision for her to change path to a home business, but I always grateful for her to chose us above her business. Nowadays, when people asked me do I have a good child hood, I did. I get to see my mom every morning when I woke up and every afternoon when I got back from school. It was priceless!  

Since my brother and I were a kid, we were always taught that family comes first no matter what. My mom always said to us that people might change, but family never will. Despite all the challenges or horrible mistakes, family is the one place you can always turned to.

My mom often said that I look like her... personality side. I would like to believe that I am. I might not be as hardworking as she is, or as good cook as she is, or as smart as she is, but my mom and I shared the same priority in life, FAMILY. Same as her, to me family always comes first. Growing up in a small family, we were very close one another. I don't share a lot about my personal life to my dad, but our relationship can be consider close. My relationship with my brother was also quite close. On the other hand, my relationship with my mom is very close. I told my mom everything. Sometimes, I like to keep the "not to good" part of stories from my mom to keep her from worrying too much. But many times, I always run to her for a good comfort when I was facing a problem. I'm not saying that we get along all the time, we're not. I often got into quarrel with my mom, but we always managed to get over it. We can't stand to not talking to each other for too long. Even now that I am married and had moved out, I still call my mom almost everyday and visit her several times in a week, sometimes sleeping over there, of course my hubby is coming with me when I spent the night there. 

Now that I have another "job", being a wife, I gained even more respect for my mom. I never really went to traditional market in my single life, and I certainly never cook. I even told my husband at that time to not expect to see me a lot in the kitchen except for cooking instant noodle. But somehow, after I got married, things change. As there are only my husband and I staying together, that makes me the only woman in the house, like it or not, I have to picked up new responsibilities that I never bother to care about, from small things like going to market, getting to learn to pick fresh veggies and meats, until the part to wake up every week day at 6am to cook for my husband then rushing go to office.

The last part is even shocking to my self. In my entire life, I never thought I will be that girl who cook. I didn't even know how to put season, how many salt to use, how many ketchup to use, gosh I didn't even know how a raw meat could turn fried! 
My husband never forced me to cook or to do any of the things above, I even never thought I will end up doing that, but somehow I begin to enjoy my new "job". My mom always said "whenever there's a will, there's a way", and it surely is. 

Anyway back to the one we were talking about, it was certainly uneasy to wake up every weekday at 6am to cook and then rush for work. That was what my mom did and still do until now... and I applaud her for that. 

Being a business woman, a wife and a mom certainly aren't an easy task for my mom but she is like this super woman that nothing is impossible for her. Thank you, mom! 
My love, my rock, my forever friend! =)


pola katelu said...

i love my mom too :D

merryrufina said...

Me likey!

Lily ^^ said...

ur post so touching bek :D
I agree with u .. Mom is the best God's creation on earth :D