Wednesday, July 13, 2011

QQ Kopitiam

Ever since I saw my friend posted a picture of Milo Dinosaur from QQ Kopitiam, I have always wanted to go there. I am a fan of Milo, and never really found a good one in town. Most of the Milo I drank was too watery and wasn't condensed, so most of the time when I was craving for one, I just make it my self. A home made condensed Milo. =)  

Anyway, QQ Kopitiam was located at Plaza Indonesia, just across my office building. So yesterday, I went there for lunch with my colleagues. We reached there around 12+ and the place was full house. The place was small and located in the corner across Duck King. I think they only have not more than 15 tables. We were about to find another place to eat when we spotted a table was asking for bill, so we waited for them to leave. 

Scrolling down the menu, I could see that the prices were very affordable compare to other restaurant in shopping mall. No wonder the place was full house. It served most of dishes we usually found at Kopitiam. They had selections of fried rice, kwetiau, noodles, until of course toast. The beverage selections were also variate from Kopi-O, teh tarik, Barley, Milo, Ice lychee, etc. We quickly ordered Kwetiau sapi lada hitam (28k), Mie Kangkung Terasi (28k), Barley peng (12k), Milo Dinosaur (25k) and Kopi tarik peng (17k).

The drinks came first. The milo was not the best I ever tasted but it was quite ok, not condensed but also not too watery. My colleagues said the kopi tarik and barley were ok too.

Kwetiau sapi lada hitam (black pepper kwetiau) and Mie kangkung terasi (noodle w/ spinach and shrimp paste) were nice, well seasoned and generous topping although the portion was quite small. I think the men will need 2 portions. :)

I was very satisfied with the lunch and will surely back for second visit. I do hope they will expand to bigger place, though. The place was too small that the distance between each tables were very limited, so we can heard the conversation on next table without even have to eavesdropping. =)

QQ Kopitiam 
Plaza Indonesia extension 4th fl.
Jl. MH Thamrin Kav 28-30
Ph. +6221 29923699

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