Wednesday, July 13, 2011


This was a late post. I was on leave from work and the internet connection at home was so lousy that I wanted to scream at the operator for all the non sense about fast connection.

Anyway, one of my colleagues was leaving us and on her last day we gathered for lunch at Kiyadon. We sat in the private room with tatami seating. Here's what we ordered: 

Nabeyaki Udon (78k). Udon noodle with sweet sliced beef, vegetables, egg and served w/ prawn tempura. Nabeyoki Udon had always be one of my favorite dish at Kiyadon. It seasoned well with generous topping. 

Una Don (78k). Rice bowl topped with grilled fresh water eel.

Spicy Salmon Pasta (78k).

Wantan Ramen (65k). Ramen with chicken dumpling & miso soup.

Tori Katsu Don (50k). Rice bowl topped w/ deep fried breaded chicken cutlets and onion on eggs. This was a dish that just never could go wrong.

Tom & Jerry (88k). Grilled eel, cucumber, salmon, cheese, tobiko.

D.I.G (88k). Kani stick, cucumber, salmon, chicken floss, tobiko.

Kiyadon seldom failed my taste, and this time I was also very much satisfied. Farewell was never easy but a nice lunch with friends surely help. =) 

See you Yunica! *hugs*

Kiyadon Sushi
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
Garden District 3A #10 - 16
Ph. +6221 23580523

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