Sunday, July 31, 2011

Buying trip

Here I am... Back from a pleasant dine at Crystal Jade and suffering from eating too much. I will be off for my second buying trip and still have some time before I need to go to airport so I turn on my laptop and starting to write... 

It wasn't long ago since my first buying trip, and I have been so caught up with works that I just realized it yesterday how excited I am to go for another buying trip. The thoughts of all those beautiful things displayed and just waiting for mama Lemon to adopt them. :)

When I graduated from college, I sent quite applications for fashion buyer position in some companies behind my favorite brands, but neither one were getting call back. I knew it was a long shot since brands like them will definitely hired someone with experiences or even if they were going to hired a fresh graduate, it will be someone who have fashion background in their studies. I, on the other hand is a fashion enthusiasm who somehow got lost in Economic major. Up till this very day, I am still confused why I can end up choosing economic at that time.

Anyway, while my shopping addiction is nothing compared to Rebecca Bloomwood from one of my favorite readings "Shopaholic", I do admit that I am a spender and my biggest expense would be in clothing and shoes! I love shoes! (Will share about shoes in another blog).
Some people got their adrenalin popping while doing bungee jumping, while mine will be popped just good by something simpler and less terrifying. Shopping! I always had this thought about how great it will be to become a fashion buyer, where I can release my passion in shopping and make a living out of it. Isn't that great?

In summary, I am very happy to finally have a chance in becoming a fashion buyer, even double happy since I can do it for my own little online store. My baby was just launched for 2 months, and tell you the truth, I don't even know how the future of my baby will be... will it last, will it not, nevertheless I am very proud that at least I have made the baby steps on pursuing my dream. *finger crossed it will be walking in a road of success*

Ok enough writings... Time to go to airport. I'll be back on Aug 6th and Lemon's CLOSET 3 will be launched soon after that. Stay tune! I promise to bring home amazing stuffs ;)

PS: A special thanks for a certain someone who is a senior in online shop business. I don't know her personally but she is kind enough to gave me several kind advises. There are people with big hearts in this crazy world. For that certain someone (you know who u are), thanks for that little tap at my back. :)

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