Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Crystal Jade Teo Chew Palace

On the day I was going for shopping trip for Lemon's new collections, I still have the entire morning and afternoon since my flight was late noon, so me and my family went for a quick lunch at Crystal Jade. 

From outside the place looked quiet and small, but when we entered the restaurant, it was quite big and very crowded, the interior was designed black and red with Chinese luxury modern concept. Almost all tables were full. We were ushered to a table next to window and began to order. We chose Crystal jade roasted duck - Half (108k), Baked frog w/ ginger, scallion and chili padi (68k), Sauted prawn with salad sauce (108k), Braised egg plant with minced meat and beancurd in casserole (55k), Braised seafood and beancurd in sichuan style (108k) and jelly fish (48k) for the appetizer. 

Jelly fish
Roasted duck
Baked frog w/ ginger, sacllion and chilli padi
Prawn w/ salad sauce
Braised Eggplant w/ minced meat and beancurd
Braised Seafood and bean curd in sichuan style
Overall the meals were delicious. The duck skin was crisp and the meat was tender, the prawn mayonnaise came in small portions, only around 6pcs but the prawns were crispy and big, the mayo dressing were also very nice, not sour and not too milky taste. It was a pleasant dine although personally I think the price was too expensive. 

Crystal Jade Teo Chew Palace
Pacific Place level 4- 03
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav 52 - 53
Ph. +6221 5140 0437

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