Thursday, August 18, 2011

Nanny's Pavillon - Barn

Yesterday, the 6 of us (my parents, my bro & future sis in law, hubby and I) went to Serpong. My mom initiated the idea as she noticed Serpong had develop very fast the past few months. I, of course welcome the idea as I have been wanting to go to Living World and Flavor Bliss. Living World is a new shopping mall opened in Alam Sutera, just across the Flavor Bliss. Too bad, we didn't have time to look around at Living World as it was too noon already and my bro had another appointment, so we decided to just dine at Flavor Bliss. 

Flavor bliss is an open air spot with many restaurants inside from Island Creamery, Radja Ketjil, Nanny's Pavillon, Stevan meat shop (opening soon at PIK), Nuzzy's and many more. The concept was more or less like Paris Van Java Bandung only this one didn't have any shopping places or department store. 

We ended up choosing Nanny's Pavillon for our late lunch. I am a fan of Nanny's restaurant design, I admire their creativity in making different concepts in each of their branches. The one in Flavor Bliss was designed in barn concept. To me personally, I don't really like it. Unlike other branches which designed with white and bright lights, this one seemed to be very different, the lighting was quite dark perhaps because the entire place were covered with dark woods to create the barn atmosphere. This was the largest branch of Nanny's, the place was big and have two storey. We sat on the second floor where they have this big window covered with only glass and since it was noon, it's just making the place even hotter. I noticed they only have 2 aircons in the 2nd floor. 

Most of my visits in Nanny's were always for their Hot Tuna Spaghetti (39k), I love the spiciness and their generous tuna flakes. My mom and my future sis in law ordered the same one, while I ordered Sean's original steak w/ gravy sauce (105k) for my dad. It was grilled Australian sirloin steak served with sweet corn, salad & selection of potatoes. I took a bite and I loved how the meat was very juicy and tender, but their mushroom sauce sucks. 
My bro and hubby chose the same one, Ted's love tenderloin w/ gravy sauce (137k). They both chose medium well, but the meats came in well done, too well done actually as they were burned. 

Hot Tuna Spaghetti
Sean's Original steak
Ted's love tenderloin

Mango cocktail (40k)

After finishing our main course, we decided not to order any pancakes due to the temperature of the room was making us sweating. Too hot to handle desserts, even a cold one. I think my favorite Nanny's branch is still the one with terrace concept at Central Park. I can't wait for their new branch in Gandaria City with sewing room concept. :) 

Nanny's Pavillon 
Flavor Bliss 2 Kav.6 unit B
Alam Sutera
Tangerang, Banten

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