Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Last month on a Saturday night, my husband and I along with my parents went dining at Tesate. I have noticed the place quite some time but never really wanted to try. As my husband got a IDR 200,000 dining voucher at Tesate from a certain credit card, so I decided it would be the right time to try.

Tesate serves authentic Indonesian food. The place looks small and only have around 3 tables from outside, but turns out when we walked in, there was a long white alley with blue lights which ended in a sliding door to enter the restaurant. The inside was quite big and occupied with crowds. Almost all tables were full. When we entered, we saw there was an open spot to bake Kueh Serabi (rice flour cake) made for order. The place was decorated nicely, modern with no Indonesian restaurant ambiance except for the Kueh Serabi baking spot.

The menu book was made like satay fan. It was unique. The service however was slow, I think they were short of staffs. We found difficulty finding a waiter to serve us. Finally when the waiter came and I asked him what's the favorite, he couldn't really explain, just repeatedly mentioning dishes appeared in the menu book, so we just give a shot and chose what we feel like eating that night.

We chose Padangnese beef satay 6pcs (78k), Grilled US short ribs served w/ sweet potatoes cooked in rendang sauce (169k), Belacan fried rice w/ oxtail (79k) and Lontong cap gomeh (74k). My belacan fried rice came in big portion but with very small chunks of oxtail and I didn't taste any spiciness from the belacan sauce. The lontong cap gomeh was quite ok, came with gepuk, chicken and egg besides the vegetables, the broth was also quite tasty.

Padangnese beef satay
Grilled short ribs
Belacan fried rice w/ oxtail
Lontong cap gomeh
Overall to me the dishes was just standard and overpriced. I might be coming back, only if I get another dining voucher from certain card. 

Plaza Senayan level 4 unit CP 4
Jl. Asia Afrika, South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 5725521

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