Monday, August 15, 2011

(Closed) Tsukinofune

One of the so many great things that I like from the company I worked in is the colleagues. We are quite close one another and even some of the colleagues had resigned, we still keep in touch and sometimes gather for a chit chat. One of our ex colleagues who got married and moved to Singapore came to Jakarta, so yesterday the five of us gather for a sweet lunch at Tsukinofune.

I had been wanting to go to this place for quite some time since I read the review in Laksmi Pamuntjak's Jakarta Good Food Guide book, but since I am really not familiar with Jakarta's road esp those in South, my curiosity on Tsukinofune just paid off yesterday. 

It was located at the back of Hotel Ambhara, not inside. There's an alley beside Hotel Ambhara where Tsukinofune entrance positioned, so we can just parked along the alley. The restaurant itself was not too spacious, but as we walked in turns out they divided the place into several rooms, they make the interior quite Japanese looky. I especially loved how they designed the bathroom, it was so cute and antique, one of the cleanest bathroom in dining places I ever been. 

We had been wanted to try their special lunch bento set where only can be ordered latest by 2pm. The 5 of us all opted for Tsukinofune Bento (160k). I actually wanted to try others for comparison, but the Bento's picture just look so tempting that I decided to go with the same one. As for the sushi, we ordered Tsukinofune roll (75k) and Tuna wakame roll (65k) to shared. The sushi came first and the presentation was flawless and so was the taste. Tsukinofune roll was roll of tempura, cucumber, avocado and topped with Unagi, loved it. Tuna wakame roll was nice too, but we prefer Tsukinofune roll better.
Our bento came and we were surprised of the portions. The bento was in a wooden box with 9 slots where 9 items of dishes beautifully put inside, where the salad, chawan musi, rice and miso soup served outside the box. Reminder for next time: One bento was more than enough to be shared by 2-3 persons. Everything on the Bento was presented beautifully. I loved the Chawan musi, it was one of the best in town, came with mushroom, crab stick, chunks of chicken, and ginko nuts, the egg was not smelly at all. The 9 items in the bento were jelly fish, prawn tempura with almond and fried crab meat, grilled beef, prawn mayo, cold soba, grilled salmon, fresh sashimi, unagi and yakitori. Unfortunately, I didn't try them all due to the capacity of my tummy. However it was assured that the amount we paid was worth the meals, the service and the ambiance of the dining place. 

Tsukinofune roll
Tuna wakame roll
Chawan musi & salad
Complimentary coconut ice cream
Tsukinofune Bento

They didn't charge us for the ocha and it was refillable. After our meal, we were given complimentary coconut ice cream for dessert. I didn't like it tough, too sweet for me. Anyway, it was a very pleasant dining experience. I will surely be back. =)

bwL girls w/ wardrobes from Lemon's

Hotel Ambhara (at the back of the hotel)
Jl. Iskandarsyah Raya No.1
Ph. +6221 2700709


Lily ^^ said...

huaaa mo ikutaan :((

merryrufina said...

Waktu gw kesana pengen nyoba bento nya van ternyata malem ga ada paket bento :(
Emang porsinya gede bangett gw ama riandy wkt itu kekenyangan n sempet bungkuss bw pulang hahaha