Monday, August 22, 2011


When I was going to get married, my brother jokingly said that soon I will be like those married couple who prefer to stay home rather than going out. At that time, I instantly ignored what he said and even kept on telling my boyfriend that I don't want us to be that kind of couple. Now, after 9 months I often found my self sometimes being drowned to those type. 

My husband is a workaholic, he runs his business 7 days in a week so I only get to see him at night. During that time, instead of going out we prefer to lay back on our couch and watch TV and it was ok. After I experienced it my self, it's not that married couple have certain types, it's just happen that sometimes we found new situation where we felt more comfort in. 

Anyway, last Saturday was our 9 months wedding anniversary and since it fell on weekend, we decided to not being lazy at home and went for a Saturday nite dine at Lobo. Lobo was a fine Italian dining located inside Ritz Carlton. We reached there at 8pm and I have made a reservation first to make sure we will not be getting into waiting list, turns out there were no waiting list as the place was almost empty. I looked around and noticing there were only around 4 tables were occupied. The restaurant itself was large with high ceiling, dim yellow lights, carpet floor and very luxurious design. It was really a stylish and upscale restaurant, the place & the table setting were gorgeous. The ambiance was romantic with the rhythm of piano and saxophone. 

The waiters were all very polite and the way they greet and served was flawless. We were given appetizers and main course menu to choose. We went for Herb crusted snails (110k) for the appetizers, Grilled salmon (315k) and Prime US Sirloin (495k) for the main course. The Sirloin came in 2 sizes, 200 and 280 grams. My husband chose the 280gr.
While waiting, our complimentary bread were given along with 2 plates of Amous Bouche (pre-appetizer). It was a plate of chicken wrapped in fresh lettuce with a tiny glass of Citrus passion. I didn't taste any chicken inside my lettuce wrapped, while the citrus passion was quite refreshing for a pre-appetizer. 

Amous Bouche
Herb Crusted Snails
US Prime Sirloin
Grilled Salmon

After we finished our amous bouche, our appetizer was served. The snails were bread crumbed and it wasn't good at all. The snails were very tiny hiding inside the crumb and it didn't came with good flavor. When the main course was being served, I found my salmon was ok. It was cooked perfectly were the skin was crispy and the salmon was pink color and tender. The sirloin on the other hand came with great presentation but a little bit of disappointment when it comes to the taste. It was served with chips and cherry potatoes. The chips were crunchy and yummy, but the meat was too dry and not well seasoned.

After the main course, we ordered Molten chocolate cake (85k) to share. While waiting we were given complimentary 2 small glasses of Lemon sorbet. It was ok.  Our molten cake was delicious! The best molten cake I ever had so far. The cake was moist with very generous chocolate filling while the chocolate was perfect, not sweet, not bitter. It came with vanilla ice cream which was also very very yummy. 

Lemon Sorbet
Molten Chocolate Cake

I think the molten cake really brighten my night after the not so pleasant main course. In my opinion, the value paid was worth the venue and service that were given but not so much on the dishes. I wonder whether they will be ok if next time I come to only order the molten cake. 
Btw, the water was pricey. The big one 750ml was priced at 95k while the small 500ml was priced at 70k. Shocking as it was only regular water. 
However, despite of the not so pleasant sirloin, it was a pleasant fine dine for both of us.

Ritz Carlton level UG
Jl. Lingkar Mega Kuningan Kav. E1.1 No.1
Mega Kuningan
Ph. +6221 25518888

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