Thursday, August 11, 2011


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The day we went back to Jakarta from my buying trip, my brother fetched us at the airport and since it was very late already, my husband and I decided to just sleep over at my parent's house. When we reached there, my mom was not sleep yet even it was around 1am in the morning already. My mom always like that, can't sleep until she is certain that her children reached home safely.

The next day when I woke up, my parents went out already. I walked in to the kitchen and this conversation happened between my mom's house maid named Yuni and I (of course in Bahasa, I just translate it to English):
Y: Non, your favorite vegetable rice with meat is in the refrigerator. 
I: When did mom cooked? 
Y: Two days after you went abroad.
I: Heh? that was like 4 days ago, still can eat or not? 
Y: When Ibu cooked at that time, I also felt weird why need to keep 1 plate for you, as you will only be back in another 4 days. But then Ibu said no matter where u are, at Jakarta or not, every time she cook something that she knows is your favorite, she will always spare you a portion. 

I was speechless the moment I heard Yuni shared what my mom said. I was very touched and my tears fell down (i even cry now while writing). I asked Yuni to heated the rice and I quickly ate it in silence, enjoyed it until the last spoon.

I am not a mom yet, but I really do hope when I become one, I will be just like my mom. Nothing less, nothing more. Just like her is perfect already.

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