Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Preview Lemon Online Shop's CLOSET 3

I'm back from my buying trip. Taken home with me, hundreds of great stuffs for Lemon's and some extra kgs gained for my weight.
My second buying trip was two times more fun than the first time. My first buying trip, I was too stressed up as it was the first time, the anxiety of not getting the collections that suited Lemon, the paranoid thoughts about unnecessary things. This time, I was more relax and just let it flow. I get to squeezed in 3 movies date during my trip. =) 

I've been juggling with photo shoots for Lemon's CLOSET 3 and office works ever since I came back from buying trip. Doing two important things at the same time where both came with deadline surely wasn't easy, but doing them with passion was helping.

Anyway, here's the preview of Lemon's CLOSET 3. Hope you will love it as much as I do. =)
The full collections will be launched on Friday, August 12th. Stay tune!

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