Friday, August 19, 2011

Lau's Kopi Tiam

Lau's Kopi Tiam just opened their newest outlet at Pluit, right beside the car wash that I always go whenever I want to have my car cleaned up. One afternoon, I went there to have my car washed and while waiting I went to Lau's to have my afternoon lunch.

The place was small with only around 10 tables divided into smoking and non smoking room. I saw they have Seafood Tom Yum fried rice (23k) on their menu, and I was wondering whether it will taste as good as my favorite Tom Yum Mama Kitchen seafood fried rice, so I ordered one along with Ice Milo (17k). 

One thing I noticed about Kopi Tiam's price range was that they charged quite cheap for the food but more expensive on the beverages, just like this one at Lau's, the milo and fried rice only had 6k difference. Anyway, my orders were served promptly. The ice milo tasted quite nice, they didn't make it too watery which is good so I can still feel the milo taste. The fried rice however was surprisingly came with barely almost no seafood at all. It came in big portion and I have to spent some seconds to find the seafood, the prawns were too small to be called prawns, it looked more like ebi (dried fermented shrimp) to me. The taste was actually not bad but it really had nothing to compare with Mama's Kitchen. 

My first experience with Lau's Kopi Tiam was at Emporium mall with their kaya toast and it was good, so maybe I just wasn't that lucky with their fried rice. 

Lau's Kopi Tiam
Jl. Pluit Utara Raya No. 70 (next to car wash)
North Jakarta
Ph. +6221 66600613

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