Monday, August 8, 2011

Jennifer Aniston vs Nicole Richie

My two favorite fashionable icons. Jennifer Aniston & Nicole Richie. Look at them... What could go wrong? I love them from head to toe. Jen for the simplicity look and Richie for the hippie boho look. *luv luv*

Jen's hair style. 
I'm a huge fans of FRIENDS series and Rachel (played by Jennifer Aniston) was one of my favorite character. I loveeeee her hairstyle from the long one to the short bob one, except the layer one in 90's. 

Jen's style 
She is known as one of the most stylish woman in Hollywood. Her style is simple yet classy and chic. I adore her so much. 

And this one is the latest of her which happens to be my favorite. Looking more and more radiant in her 40's. I just watched Horrible Bosses where one of the cast was Jen. Lookin' greater than ever. How could Brad Pitt dumped her? Stupid handsome man. 

Richie's hair style
The famous bangs. Everyone always talks about Nicole Richie's bangs, and so do I. I love her bangs. It was perfect. Been in and out different saloon to get her bangs but never succeed. =( 
Just like Aniston, I love Nicole Richie's hairstyle from long one to bob one, from brunette to blonde. *luv luv*

Richie's style  
I am not against anyone fat as my self also is not skinny, but I loveeee Nicole Richie better when she is thin. She just look awesome in every single thing she wore. From her bohemion dress look to a simple tee and jeans or gorgeously appearance at red carpet. 

This one is my favorite. Look at her. 

My two favorite fashionable icons. Keep on being fabulous. Me adore you!


Stevenny said...

I also do love Nicole a lot. She's my socialite hero. I love her style, bangs n life. She's totally inspiring me

Ivy said...

Yup! Especially her bangs. =)

Evi Fenton said...

They are also my top 2 favorite fashion icons! I spent years debating who I liked best, then decided both it was. I google them when I have a case of "my closet sucks", for some outfit inspiration...