Friday, August 26, 2011


This place had been one of my favorite place for dessert. I am not a fan of something sweet but I like churros. The crunchiness paired with caramel sauce for the dipping. They have 4 kinds of dipped sauce. Caramel, dark chocolate, white chocolate and milk chocolate. My favorite is the caramel one. Milk one was also nice, dark one was too bitter, and as for the white one, I never try it as it sounded too white and dairy.

Last Tuesday, we have a heavy breakfast and as we will be dining at Smokey Ribs in the evening, we decided to took something light for our lunch, so we headed to Churreria for their churros. The 3 of us ordered Churros fiesta (65k) to share. Churros fiesta came in 12 pcs and 4 dipping sauce, while you can choose whether you want cinnamon or sugar icing as the topping. We ordered Ice black currant tea (25k) and their Ice lemon tea (25k) was enough to be shared into 2 small glasses.

I have the most craving of the month for apple crumble pie. I never tasted the one in Churreria but since I saw MasterChef, I had been wanting to try one. Too bad the waiter told us that their pastry and cake selections had been removed from the menu. I guess I have to endure my craving for a while. Anyone who knows a good place to eat apple crumble pie, your comments will be greatly appreciated. ;)

Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, West mall level 3A
Jl. MH Thamrin No.1 
Ph. +6221 23581805
Other outlets: Central Park, Summarecon Mall Serpong 2

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