Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Smokey Ribs

Last night, me and my colleagues went for dinner after our office hours ended. We wanted to try this new ribs place that just opened at Pantai Indah Kapuk named Smokey Ribs. When we reached there, it was almost 8 pm and the place was full house. We put our names in the waiting list and waiting to be called.

Smokey Ribs occupied 2 ruko and has an outdoor and indoor space. The ambiance was quite homey, they used yellow lights. I think this was the first time that I really forgot to take pictures on what the place look like. I did my best to recall on how the place was designed but nothing seems to be captured on my mind... All I remember the place has these wooden thing going on, from the color of the wall and the tables. I guess I was too busy chatting with my colleagues that I really didn't pay too much attention on the interior. Luckily I didn't forget to took pictures on the menu we ordered. 

The place was famous for the ribs. We saw they have quite selections of ribs but 4 of my colleagues aimed for the same one, their chef's recommendation... Smokey baby back - 4 bones (105k). It came in 2 sizes, small with 4 bones and large with 8 bones. It was good, the ribs were cooked tender, came with coleslaw and choice of fries or mashed potatoes.

While I chose to have Sirloin US - 200gr (110k) as my dinner that night. I was quite disappointed on the meat as it was too dry and hard to chewed, while the steamed veggies was not soft enough.

As for the appetizers, we chose Smokey's calamari (33k), Fried mushroom (25k) and baked potato skin (38k). To us, the appetizers were completely different from the ribs. Both presentation and taste was unpleasant. The calamari was still ok, but the mushroom and the potato skin weren't acceptable. The mushroom came in flattened and tasteless also watery when we chewed it. The potato skin was covered in cheddar cheese with smoke beef topping, accompanied with sour cream which to me was tasteless.

I think this place can be a good options for people who  crave for ribs. Definitely cheaper than the one at Tony Roma's and the taste was nice. I will be coming back to try on other main course and maybe skip the appetizers.

Smokey Ribs
Ruko crown golf mediterania blok B No. 10-11
Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta
Ph. +6221 70710955


Stevenny said...

Maybe it depends on how u order. My cousin says that her ribs was hardly chewed that time n didn't even finish it tho she'd shared n said she'd better pay for Tony Tomas ribs

Ivy said...

Really? I guess i was lucky :)

Fellexandro Ruby said...

A friend had that issue as well. They are not consistent I guess. One day the ribs were juicy and tender, the next day they were hard to chew.

Anw, Ivy, thanks for putting Wanderbites on your side bar =D

Anonymous said...

The meet and ribs are inconsistent are due to the troubling of electricity from the PLN, in which has troubled the kitchen performance and preparation. Quoted by the chef trained from America. This is one of the reason it still soft opening with 30% discount.
Better quality and service are assured, after the very soon grand opening.

Ivy said...

@Fellexandro: I like your writings. Sorry for not giving u a head up first before put it on my side bar. :)

Anonymous said...

Ribs there were nice !
And much better prices than Tony Roma's.
Rumours going around were that chefs were poached from Tony Roma's.

Perhaps those commenting on the hard ribs went to Nuri's.
Over there the ribs are hard to chew !

Cheers ! I have the same opinions with Ivy.