Sunday, March 23, 2014

[CLOSED] Le Signature PIK

The place is one of my best find. It's beautiful, classy with good service and great food. The kind of place you would bring your date to impress. The fancy restaurant established in the end of Dec 2013, but I got to know this place just couple weeks ago.The location was a bit secluded, tucked on the second alley behind the shops at front rows (check the directions below).

The restaurant is simply gorgeous. I loved the classy entrance with its name written beautifully. The place was not big. They placed a long table on one side of the room and the walls were painted rustic. I loved how they use deep parquet flooring, a strong way to enhance the whole classiness look.

The classy table setting gives fine dining ambiance, but personally though their price was higher than the rest of the diners at PIK, I didn't find the price to be too extravagant, it was categorized more on average dining price range. The quality, anyway was top notch.

The menu covers on Italian Western cuisine such as pasta and steak. Price range for main course is 88k-188k, and they also serve high tea 68k per person inclusive of 1 choice of dessert and hot drinks. Fyi, the desserts mostly priced at 68k.

Complimentary bread. Soft, fluffy with hint of garlic taste. Yum!
Duck confit with onion ringlets in Peking Katsuboshi sauce (68k)
Aside from the stunning presentation, the taste itself was simply amazing. The duck meat was super juicy and tender, but the one need to be highly praised was the onion rings. It was hands down, my best onion rings so far. It was deep fried, dense and the crisp level was beyond words. What a great start to a fantastic dinner.
Crusted Australia rib eye, asparagus and parmesan ruskuit (188k)
My rib eye was the bomb. This must have been one of my best steak I've ever eaten so far. I remember I told hubs on how the steak tasted as good as the one we had at Eric Kayser in Hong Kong (blog post coming soon), or perhaps even better. The meat was super tender, extremely juicy, perfectly grilled, very well seasoning. The mashed potatoes was smooth and soft. Everything on the plate deserves a 10.

Toasted pork belly in coddled garden spinach creme (148k)
Again stunning presentation. Four big fat chunks of toasted pork belly on top of creamy spinach. To be honest, I didn't really like this one as I felt they have too much layers of fat, though I know the layers of fat is important for the juicy part, but I just felt it was too oily. My opinion might be bias as I never really like pork. Hubs, on the other hand, thought the dish was delicious, but he did agree on the layers of fat were a bit too much.

Fondant Au chocolat with ice cream (68k)
It was so worth the 20 minutes waiting time. The cake was moist with warm gooey lava chocolate inside. The coco berry chocolate was not overly sweet, a bit bitter so it was paired well with the sweetness from the cake.

After we finished our meal, we had the chance to meet the chef, and he is so young! And super humble too. It was so fun to meet him, and I do have to emphasize on how talented he is, not only on the cooking, but look at all those beautiful presentations. If you are someone who thinks presentation is as important as the taste itself, try it, go have a meal at Le Signature and I guaranteed you (yes, I am that confident) that you won't regret it.

Fancy place with classy settings, checked. Attentive and polite service, checked. Great food with fair price tags, checked

Le Signature
Ruko Cordoba Blok H No. 2
Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta
Ph. +6221 56983495
Opening hours: Tue - Sun 11am - 11pm (closed on Monday)
Directions: From PONGS home centre, turn left, they are at the right side next to Sun Merry bakery. 


Michael Riady Pranoto said...

I don't know why I keep reading this blog at lunch hour before even having my lunch...

Stacia Ho said...

Been meaning to try this place for quite a while but was quite skeptical about its quality... now that it's Ivy-approved I guess it's a safe bet, hehe.
Btw, what camera are you using now? The pictures turned out awesome :)

Ivy said...

@stace: I had one of my best dine of 2014 here, food, service & quality wise. I do hope it'll also be yours and every others' safe bet. :D
Thanks, I used Canon 600D for the particular post. :)

Andy Tjhin said...

tempatnya deket mana ya persisnya... klo dari sederet BEST PONG ?

Ivy said...

@andy: dari best pong langsung belok kiri aja uda langsung keliat Sun Merry bakery, le signature tepat di sblhnya.

Fellexandro Ruby said...

I didn't know this place exist until you post it. Shameful as I live just 5 mins away from this.

Well anyway, look forward to give it a try.


Ivy said...

@ruby: many of my friends who stay nearby wasn't aware of the place either. =)
I had a great 1st experience there but several of my friends had the opposite. I guess consistency is a rare thing huh? Anw, do hope you'll enjoy it. :)