Monday, March 17, 2014

Izakaya Issei

The recently opened Japanese diner took place at the street of Senopati, just next to the popular patisserie, Cacaote. Located on the second floor of a cute tiny cafe named Appetite and a barber shop, I loved the Japanese looks on the door entrance. It was one of those place with strong Japanese concept. Small, dark ambiance with an illustration painting of Geisha at one of the side walls. 

If only it wasn't meant for smokers, I would love to sit outside the terrace with the view overlooking to the busy Senopati street.

Izakaya Issei serves various Yakitori (Japanese skewers) and donburi. I tried one of their favorites, Gyutan Don (wagyu tongue with special sauce and rice) 95k and it was so so so gooood. We can opt to have it mild, spicy or extra spicy. I played it safe by choosing spicy, it was spicy enough with the chilli padi but I'll go for the extra spicy next one. The rice was fragrant, topped with super tender and generous cuts of wagyu tongue. The flavor was fantastic. It was savory and seasoned well. The only downside was some of them were sliced too thin. If you are someone like me, who needs bigger and thicker slices of meats, order their ox tongue yakitori to mixed with the donburi, guaranteed love. 
Hubs went with Unagi donburi (grilled eel with rice) 65k and it was so worth it. 65k for large cuts of Unagi. Perfectly grilled and very well seasoned.

We also ordered several of their Yakitori. Range between 12 - 38k, we tried their Bonjiri (chicken tail) 16k, Gyutan (beef tongue) 18k, Wagyu karubi (wagyu beef with special sauce) 38k, and Buto umeshiho (pork belly with plum sauce) 25k. All were major yum, but my favorite goes to the gyutan. It was absolutely good. Thick, tender, juicy.

The appetizer, Issei chicken (27k) was so goood. Small cuts of deep fried chicken, well fried, good seasoning, the saltiness was just right. I can't stop munching them so we got ourselves another round of those sinfully delicious chicken.

Okay all my pictures might not do the justice, but everything we had was seriously delicious. By the time we asked for the bill, I've made a silent promise to myself, that I will soon back for second visit. 

Domo Arigato, Izakaya Issei!

Izakaya Issei
Jl. Senopati Raya No. 82
2nd floor on top of Appetite Cafe
Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 60796880
Opening hours: 11am - 11pm daily


Fellexandro Ruby said...

Okay Ivy, I hope you don't mind me dropping comments again. I had fun going through your post and amazed how did you find out about this place?

I know Appetite but never knew this Izakaya exist. And judging from your review, I must go there as a Japanese food fan.

Ruby |

Ivy said...

@ruby: haha fine by me, keep it coming.
Do try their gyutan and let me know if you like it as much as i did.