Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Common Grounds Citiwalk Sudirman

Don't you just love the name? Common Grounds.

Couple days ago, I had to meet someone at Grand Indonesia and I remember I saw a particular picture at one of my favorite IG's account @captainruby (the person behind wanderbites). The coffee and all day breakfast called Common Grounds and it located at Citiwalk, close to my destination that day, so I decided to skip breakfast at home, go early for a solo brunch before my appointment. Boy, did I make the right choice. 

I have never set foot at Citiwalk before. Little that I know the petite mall actually has some interesting places to eat. When I saw Common Grounds, to be honest, what occurred to me first was they don't belong in this mall. They just look too good to be placed inside that particular mall. I somehow feel they are more suited to be placed in the lobby of a chic office building with open terrace. You know, something more or less like Loewy. The ambiance would be so much nicer if it wasn't located indoor.

Apologize for the minimum and low quality pictures. By the way, all the pics in Ivy's Life was taken with either Canon 600D or Iphone 4s, sometimes I go to places where I can't or too lazy to bring the big camera with me as it won't fit in my bag, so I'll just shoot with the 4S, but many times the results were just disappointing. I am in the search of finding another smaller camera or smartphone with better pixels. As I am such an amateur in this area, I would really appreciate any suggestion from you readers, pls leave comment or email me at Thank you in advance! 

Back to the post, Common Grounds appear to me like the mixture of Downtown Bistro and Loewy. It was very classic American. Coffee enthusiastic, be happy, they have open roasting coffee bar where you can see directly while they brew your coffee. Am going to leave the coffee part to other coffee drinker to do the reviews. Now, focusing on the all day breakfast they served, the variety was not much, but judging from my first try out, it was promising. 

I ordered their Truffle scrambled eggs (75k) with additional sides of sauteed mushrooms. A toasted baguette sliced into four with scrambled eggs and Norwegian smoked salmon on top of the bread. It was superb. Probably one of my best brunch. I almost never find baguette which remains crisp even after topped with those runny scrambled eggs. Most of the time, the bread would be a bit flabby, but this one did not. It stays crisp, perfectly toast. The eggs was nicely cooked, it was moist with good seasoning. Salmon was a bit over cooked but overall it was a winning dish. I have had better eggs and salmon, but as someone who lives on bread, I hardly find good toasted bread, theirs was definitely one of my best. 

I sincerely hope my good experience was not only a beginners' luck.

Commond Grounds 
Citywalk Sudirman 1st flr 
(next to ATM BCA)
Jl. KH Mansyur Kav.121


Fellexandro Ruby said...

Hey Ivy, thanks for tuning in to my Instagram. Haha. Yeah I love coming here since my office is nearby too.

Agree to a lot of the things you mentioned. Would be super nice if they have an alfresco dining area. Too bad you didn't get to try their coffee. They have some of the best beans and baristas there (one of 'em won a latte art competition and will be representing Indonesia in Melbourne)

On the salmon, I find it in reverse. Great salmon and scrambled egg, but not too great on the baguette. Well consistency is always a bitch. Haha.


Ruby |

Ivy said...

@ruby: ah really? too bad i don't drink coffee :( i am always as bored as mineral water or ice tea drinker only.
haha couldn't agree more!

Johan Sie said...

I'll be there next week, will share what my experiences are like. Can't wait for the coffee though.

farchan noor rachman said...

Hi Ivy..thanks for share.. good review and already on my list..