Saturday, March 8, 2014

Fitzroy Gastrobar

The street used to be pretty quiet. I remember I begin to know this particular Gunawarman street when Turkuaz opens. Then came Loobie Lobster, followed by one of my favorite French, Le Quartier. Not long ago, Holy Crab, Fitzroy Gastrobar and Le Cafe Gourmand joined the team. Fitzroy Gastrobar took place at the highest floor on a building next to Le Quartier. Rumors has it that they serve one of the best gyutan in town, oftenly compare to Menya, a certain diner in Melbourne famous for their gyutan.

Even though I have seen parts of the place from the pictures posted on their IG's account, still it was not exactly like what I had in mind. For one, it was smaller. Placing themselves as a bohemian eclectic gastrobar, the place did look bohemian with their Moroccan shades of couches, the ethnic lamp, and the famous frames wall. I wouldn't say the interior fit my type, but it was different from the rest of other cafes which mostly designed the same way. Different is good, we need some changes here and now. 

Their popular dish is the Mr. Moo's Gyu Tan don, I made a mistake by ordering the Mrs. Moo's Gyu Tan chahan (58k). I thought the only difference between them was at the rice. Mr. Moo comes with steamed white rice, while Mrs' comes with fried rice. Turns out the ox tongue on my Mrs. Moo wasn't cooked with the same way as the one on Mr. Moo's. Too see the difference, pls go to their ig @fitzroyjakarta.

The sunny side came with additional price, perfectly cooked. Love the runny egg yolks. On the bottom, they put slices of avocados. I didn't touch it though, as I thought it was a weird pairing. Bestie said that it probably should be eaten like bibimbap (Korean mixed rice), to just mix everything along with the eggs and avocados, but I happen to be someone who doesn't like to ruin my food by mixing it, I even always asked the waiter to mixed my bibimbap at the kitchen and not in front of me. I know it's weird, but my appetite sort of gone when everything on the plate starts to be stirred and got messy. I don't even stir when I eat porridge. Anyway, I decided to put aside the avocados and just ate the chahan. It was lack of seasoning, too bland for my taste, but the gyu tan was surprisingly tender.  

Bestie went with the staff's suggestion, Lu wow pad grapow (stir fry meat with chilli and basil leaves, served with rice) 58k. The meat selections were duck, minced chicken or minced beef. We chose duck. When it was served, I can't help but to think on how ordinary it was. Bestie, who knows how to cook, even commented "You know if you want to eat something like this, you could've just told me, I could easily cook it for you, we don't have to drive this far". Well, she was right, the dish was okay, the duck slices were nicely seasoned and very tender, it just happens to be too "home cook" for us.

Chinese Laundry & Passion Jar Tea (38k each)
The owner were couple of ex Melbourne's students who wanted to bring some of Melbourne's favorite dishes to town.With the name Fitzroy, one of the suburb in the city, they probably hoping to evoke memories for the fellow Melbournian. I have never been to the city, so I might not feel any special "memory", but hey, fellow Melbournian, this place might be what you have been looking for. =)

Fitzroy Gastrobar 
Jl. Gunawarman 30 3rd floor
Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta
Ph. +628111112410
(next to Le Quartier)

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