Monday, March 3, 2014

FJ On 7

I always love rooftop dining. Despite on whatever kind of weather at the moment, a clear view to the blue sky always bring a relax and soothing feeling. FJ on 7 definitely has one of the most enjoyable rooftop dining in town, with its outdoor rooftop patio and the colorful comfy couches with its pink cushions, clears out sophisticated and rules in casual chic vibe.

I have wanted to go to this dining under the group behind FJL for months and boy am I so glad to finally step foot at one of Kemang's hidden gem. Located on the 7th floor of Colony building, I loved everything about it the moment the elevator door opened. They keep it warm inside with dimmed lighting, bricks and wood element while the outdoor patio is so colorful and cozy. I looked at the comfy couches with the cutie cushions and I melted. I loved the laid back vibe.

I normally don't put high hopes on a place who serves variety types of cuisines instead of focusing on just one, but FJ on7 proved to be skillful on it. Their menu, covers Western, Asian, Italian, Thai, even some Korean dishes, but it's their Indonesian menu which highly raved about. I have heard many good compliments on their Lontong Cap Gomeh, and we happened to be there on Cap Go Meh day, or some people might prefer label it as Valentine's day seeing they fall on the same date this year. Anyway,  it will be synced to have the meal which name was inspired from on that day, but I was not really on the mood for coconuty milk broth kind of dish, hence I went with Nasi Goreng Kampung (Indonesian fried rice served with skewers, chicken drumstick and fried eggs) 115k.

I specifically reminded the nice young man who took our order to inform the chef to make my fried rice super spicy with cuts of chilli padi, and he did. The fried rice, was one of the best I've had. Nope, we've had. It was rich in flavor, spicy enough, huge portion and came with two types of skewers, beef and chicken each, a fried drumstick & sunny side at the top. All nicely cooked and well seasoned!

While I remain to be Indonesian, hubs went trying their Western menu by ordering the Fish and Chips (135k). We were again speechless by the huge portion. Four big pieces of nicely battered dory fish with crunchy and seasoned fries on the sides, served with tartar sauces. It was so close on being the best if I didn't remember I have been hooked by Fish and Co a long time ago and the hook hasn't really off, though trust me, it was so close! The prices for main course mostly range above 100k but do note this, the portion? Huge!

If I really do have to point on not so good part, it might be one that I actually most anticipated for, their Chocolate varlhona molten peanut butter (63k). Great presentation, soft chocolate cake, when I saw it on the menu, my heart raced, skippy and nutella on 1 plate? God help me, I had high hopes. Unfortunately, that moment of truth when I sliced the cake hoping for the burst of holy peanut butter and warm chocolate lava did not happen. Overall it was a good one, if only they being more generous with the peanut butter and chocolate inside.

With so many diners at Kemang recently closed down, I seriously hope they could maintain the quality to stay bigger and stronger.

Btw, if you are someone who spent most of your day in front of laptop, you might be as excited as I am to know that now you can easily book a reservation online with only a single click! I love how this website has made my lunch or dinner reservation less hassle, plus they offer various discount if you booked through them. To make it even easier, I have put the link down here. All you need to do is simply click the button. *wink*

FJ on 7
Colony Building 7th floor
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 6
South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 29529912
(Go straight from KFC, the building is on your left)


wahidiyah jakarta said...

cool post... i like it :)

natasha pricilia said...

Waah too bad ya dessertnya, the name sounds heavenly :9