Monday, October 28, 2013


My pictures might not do the justice, but Cacaote is definitely one of the most beautiful dining place in town. Located not too far from the famous pastry cafe, Colette & Lola, Cacaote definitely raise the bar high to others patisserie at Senopati area. The place is a big Victorian house turned into a fancy two storey restaurant. As we walked inside the white door, I was awed by the elegance of the place. It was so pretty.

We were welcomed with the mouthwatering display of their cakes selections. The first floor is more casual, white with touch of gold and flower vintage chairs. It was girly and homey in a classy way. We sat on the first floor but I went to the second floor to take a look, a more formal dining with darker ambiance. I forgot to take a picture of it, but personally I prefer the first floor much more. I do have to comment on the effort they put on the way to the second storey, though. The fancy stairs, the big chandelier and oh those big mirrors. It was my favorite section of the building. Classy!

Probably because they are mostly known for the cakes, the menu beside that was not too many. For our lunch, we ordered the Classic french onion soup (70k), Crab and prawn mousse lasagne (85k) and Taleggio pizza (95k). The service was a bit off, we were seated for a while before gotten a menu, and they forgot to give us the complimentary bread while all other tables around us got them, so we have to ask for it. Luckily the serving was prompt. Everything was almost perfect. I liked the burnt top on the onion soup and the croutons inside but it was a bit salty for me and the onions felt too mushy. The lasagne was excellent, though it really didn't look nor tasted like a lasagna. It tasted more like a crab dumpling with two pieces of fresh prawns. But hey, lasagna or not, it was superb. The pizza was good too. Thin crust with generous toppings.

We had a hard time deciding on what to have for dessert since their cakes all looked so tempting. My friend ended choosing the house favorites', Cacaote (50k) and I went with the Salted caramel eclair (35k). Cacaote is a chocolate cake with caramelized nuts and chocolate mousse. It was quite good and not too sweet, but my favorite would be the eclair, it was delicious and I loved the salted caramel on the top. 

Oh, they offer an afternoon tea from 3-5pm, the Senopatea comes in two choices with 400k per set for the classic one and 550k for the premium one. Must try!

Cacaote Senopati 
Jl. Senopati Raya No. 80
South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 29306127
Opening hours: 11am - 11pm (closed at 1am on weekend)

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