Friday, October 25, 2013

[CLOSED] Lobster Inc

Lobster Inc is another newbie at Pantai Indah Kapuk specialized in lobster with budget friendly price tags. It is so good to see more variety of cuisines besides cafe with more or less the same type of food. I have always wanted to try Loobie Lobster, the one opened by the same people behind Holycow, but the location is quite far, bummer.

The place is quite small, located across Tzu Chi and next to the new Japanese Ramen, Ohka. It focus on serving lobster but they also has other seafood options as well. I chose to have Seafood platter (Original lobster, jumbo prawn, grilled squid, fried dory, onion rings, veggie, fries and butter rice) 199k. The serving took quite some time though I was the only customer at that time.

The portion was huge. A big plate of seafood party indeed. I love the colors, the jumbo prawn and lobster especially looked nicely grilled. It came with three types of chilli; chilli sauce, sambal bawang and not sure what kind of chilli was the other one, but it was my fave among three. You know that cracking sensation you wait for when you eat lobster or prawn? How it was fresh enough to have that crunchy bites? They have that. The lobster and prawn were fresh, good and perfectly grilled, if only they glazed more butter would make it moist and tastier. But overall it was a good one. 
The grilled squid was decent. Fried dory was a disappointment as it was oily and a bit flabby. Nothing much to say on the veggie and fries, pretty sure it was packaging one. 

Focusing on the lobster and prawn itself, with that friendly price tags, I would say the place is quite alright for seafood lovers who happen to live nearby. 

Lobster Inc.
Rukan Emerald Blok A No. 2 
Pantai Indah Kapuk
North Jakarta
Ph. +6221 98115733

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