Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Last Sunday night, Hubs and I went to one of our friends' wedding at Pacific Place. After the party, we strolled around and I passed by Kyochon, one of the largest Korean fried chicken restaurant chain who has more than 950 outlets in South Korea itself and has expanded to US and other countries in Asia, to name few, China, Thailand, Philippine and now Indonesia. Since I seldom go to this shopping mall, I insisted on trying Kyochon that night, ignoring the fact that we were both pretty full.

The seats located in the open area in front of the restaurant with not so many tables. The brands have the popular Korean band, Super Junior as their ambassador. Having fried chicken as their main highlight, we, well I, chose the Original wings (small size 5pc) 34k and the Red drumstick (small size 2pc) 32k. Basically the chicken comes in wings or drumstick with three choices of sauces, original soy garlic, hot sweet sauce and honey sauce.

I love the fact the chickens are fried in 100% trans fat free canola oil with no msg added. Personally I like the original more as it was crispier. The red one felt to greasy and oily. As expected, we could only eat 3pc as we were too full. When I asked the waiter to help pack it to go, he informed us there will be a 3k charge on the packaging. I thought maybe they are doing "go green" campaign, but when he came back with Super Junior paper bag, I ended thinking it might not be about it, perhaps they think it would be a better way to charge a price on the packaging, to avoid any of Suju's fans come and ask multiple paper bags to collect :)

Anyway, the chicken was not amazingly good but it was okay. I mean, it's fried chicken. How awful it can be screwed up rite?

Pacific Place 4th flr
Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav 52-53
South Jakarta

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