Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Locale Diner & Bar

Seeing so many cafe & restaurants at PIK nowadays, it got me to think... how does one stand out from the rest? Well, in the case of Locale, arguably has something to do with their 24 hours concept and out of the box design. It is almost impossible to find a 24 hours diner in Jakarta which are not a fast food chains. Hence, when I heard about a new local diner opening 24hours 7 days in a week at Pantai Indah Kapuk, my level of excitement and curiosity was highly raised. 

Couple days ago, I went there for a late breakfast, or based on what I ordered, let's just call it an early lunch. Even for people who rarely go to PIK would not find difficulties in finding this particular diner, thanks to the one of the kind "green bus" design. I feel like eating in an 80's theme diners minus a juke box on the side.


I sat next to the window hopin' to get enough lights to bring better quality pictures as I only rely on Iphone at that time, but still the lights my lack of photography skills didn't help so much, sorry for the poor pics. :( 
Anyway, the menu was quite limited, though they covered Asian, American, Italian and even street food, but they all came in limited choices, but hey quality counts more on quantity rite? They do, on the other hand, have lots of beverage choices from the trio chocolate, coffee and tea selections until smoothies, mocktails, cocktails, beers and liqueurs.

I was there around 10ish, and was informed that the available menu was only the Asian & street food section. Turns out, from midnite until 11am the next day they only serve food from the two I just mentioned, complete selections only available after 11am until before midnite. Don't rely on this information though, as they are still new, changes might apply.

I was actually not really keen on having any sort of carbo on my plate that day, but the staff mentioned to me about their Nasi Ndut (30k), which was their version of Nasi Gila (steamed rice with mixed of eggs, sausage and meatballs), and I was sold the moment he added this sentence "you can request it to be as spicy as you want". 

The whole plate looks good and tasted good as well. Though the level of spiciness was not crazily hot, but it did bite a bit, I loved how they added chopped cayenne into it. A simple dish but nicely cooked. Love how it make a good pair with my choice of their homemade Iced chocolate (30k). It was thick and dense, very chocolaty, definitely not some 3in1 packaging kind of.

For first timer, I am very pleased, wouldn't think twice for second visit. Until then, dessert! Btw, have you notice the friendly price tag on my pic above?

Locale Diner & Bar 
Rukan Garden House Blok B 10-11
Pantai Indah Kapuk
North Jakarta
Ph. +6221 29033162
(Inline with HongTang) 


Stacia Priscilla said...

lucu yah interior nya, and your pics look great kok. tp menu nya ga beda jauh sama resto2 pik yg lain ... it's really getting crowded here up north!

Ivy said...

Hi Stace... I've been reading ur blog dari sejak msh yourname.com until now stillwater. Luv the writings. :)
Anw, iya ga enaknya pik gt ya. Hampir semua sll end up dgn menu yg mirip2.
Thanks for stoppin by! =)