Thursday, October 3, 2013


September has been crazy with bunch of stuffs which I couldn't really understand on how it took up so much on my time, this month will hopefully be a more relaxing one, I will be off for a two weeks trip with hubs next week. I am soooooo cannot wait to get away from all the routines. Mama needs a break!
Though with only 3 posts on September, I do have to be more attentive in doing my homework if I don't want to have more pending posts piled up in my laptop folder when I got back.  

So, three night ago hubs and I went for Korean bbq dinner at Seorae. Located 1 door away from the one I called "the never ending queue dessert house", Hong Tang, the place has almost the same crowd every night since they opened a while ago. With 258 stores in the world and 1st in Indonesia, I guess no wonder people are curious. We reached there around 8pm and waited about 15 mins before getting a table. 

The free banchan have been served at the table when we got there, 3 plates of unappetizing kimchi, sweet potato and korean pancake. It wasn't only because of how tiny portion they were, but it was presented in a way that it looked like a bunch of left overs, and yes... as expected, tasted horrible. The sweet potato was hard and cold, the pancake was flour thick and overly sweet and the kimchi was so so.

We ordered Samgyeopsal (pork belly) 69.8k, King spicy galmaegisal (pork skirt meat) 134.8k, Dolsot bibimbab (69.8k) and Japchae (69.8k). Just like most of Korean BBQ diner, the waiter helped us grilled the meat and both were grilled to almost perfection. The meats, especially the galmaegisal was very tender and juicy, the downside is the meat was not marinated long enough so it was too bland, and they didn't serve chilli. The only red sauce they served was a sweet one. For us who can't live without chili, the sweet red sauce was a total turn off. Their bibimbab was okay, enough flavor with generous of tender beefs.

The not so good thing was again what always happened to a newbie restaurant, lousy service. Our japchae took forever to come, we asked two times to two different waiters and no explanation received, until we finished our dinner and asked for the third time to another different waiter, he went to check and came to us saying that the japchae was mistakenly not recorded by the waiter who took our order. Sigh! So it took us eating very slowly in order on waiting for the late japchae, took us asking 3 times to 3 different waiters just to get a very disappointing answer.

Ruko Garden House Blok B 19
Pantai Indah Kapuk
North Jakarta
Ph. +6221 29033389

Other branch: Living World Alam Sutera

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